UAA 2.0 Release Notes

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Jan 7, 2015, 1:06:12 PM1/7/15
We are pleased to announce the release of UAA 2.0. The details of the release can be found below:

Login Server and UAA Merger
This release introduces the merger of Login Server and UAA into a single project. The main benefits and impact of this merger are explained below:

Simplified Development
The main driver behind the merger is development. The cost of maintaining two separate projects and the HTTP APIs between these two is too high. For each Login Server feature there is usually development required in both projects, implying that a careful version dependency has to be maintained between the two projects.

Flexibility with Test Frameworks
The Spring Framework provides an incredible powerful unit test framework called MockMvc. Allowing a full Spring bean context to be loaded without the need of a Servlet engine. The Login Server is today not enjoying such ability of testing because of its separation from the UAA. The Login Server has to be tested in a running servlet engine in order for HTTP requests to properly propagate. If the login server became a module in the UAA project, MockMvc would become a powerful test driven development tool for the projects team members.

Additional levels of redundancy
In a deployed CF environment, the UAA would enjoy additional levels of redundancy by running the same process in 4 VMs instead of a 2+2 configuration as it is today. For a minimal high availability, we could remove two VMs from the equation thus reducing the footprint of a CF deployment.

All UAA endpoints (including the endpoints for external login-servers) remain intact. 
For time being, the idea is that the UAA would serve both uaa. and login. hostnames to maintain backwards compatibility.

View it on GitHub.

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