BOSH Openstack Solo deployment timeout errors in compile phase.

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Bill Chapman

Apr 17, 2015, 8:58:33 PM4/17/15
I"m trying to deploy CF 200 with the following Setup. 

Stemcell: 2922
BOSH with Openstack solo manifest

The BOSH is the latest master branch with a monitor plugin I am working on and it deploys successfully. 

I am getting timeouts waiting for the agent to come alive while deploying CF: 

Timed out pinging to 99521135-0eb4-44cc-85f0-8681efa34de3 after 600 seconds (00:14:02)

I've been through several posts on here already but have not yet found the issue

Logging in to a node before BOSH cleans it up yields:

2015-04-18_00:35:22.79157 [settingsService] 2015/04/18 00:35:22 ERROR - Failed loading settings via fetcher: Getting settings from url: Get dial tcp connection refused
2015-04-18_00:35:22.79169 [File System] 2015/04/18 00:35:22 DEBUG - Reading file /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json
2015-04-18_00:35:22.79180 [settingsService] 2015/04/18 00:35:22 ERROR - Failed reading settings from file Opening file /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json: open /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json: no such file or directory
2015-04-18_00:35:22.79189 [main] 2015/04/18 00:35:22 ERROR - App setup Running bootstrap: Fetching settings: Invoking settings fetcher: Getting settings from url: Get dial tcp connection refused

I'm guessing this is a problem with the Bosh Solo configuration because it is trying to access settings from localhost when it should be hitting the director VM?  But changing the ip address in the bosh-openstack-solo.yml to use the floating ip instead of localhost seems a bit aggressive and potentially problematic.  Can anyone see something else that I'm missing? 


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Bill Chapman

Apr 17, 2015, 9:12:13 PM4/17/15
OK,  It looks like the problem was the in the manifest. It appears that changing that to the internal or floating ip of the  "core" vm gets by that error.   So for now I think the problem is fixed.   

My question now is whether that openstack-solo manifest could work at all with as the ip for each component?
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