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Aristoteles Neto

Apr 4, 2015, 3:50:48 PM4/4/15
Hi Guys,

I’ve been using bosh-lite locally on my machine with Virtualbox and it works great.

I was then asked if I could extend the concept to other people in the organisation, who may not have enough local resource to run it on their own machines. This meant that I needed to run it on AWS.

I tried setting things up in AWS, only to find that I was only able to deploy it by default to us-east-1 - but this means latency, etc, etc. Now that AWS supports AMI copying between regions, is there a chance you guys could improve the pipeline to provide bosh-lite images to all the regions (keen on ap-southeast-2)? While also making the region an environment selection pre vagrant up?

I also tried building a new image from scratch, only to be met by:

amazon-ebs: Started setting up instance bosh/0 > Applying
amazon-ebs: Failed setting up instance bosh/0 > Applying
amazon-ebs: -----
amazon-ebs: Error: Provisioning deployment: Starting instance: Updating instance 0: Applying: Compiling templates bosh: Building job readers: Expected to find dep-template -> release-job record cpi
amazon-ebs: ——

I was able to get bosh-lite image copied down to Sydney, and launched eventually but this would make things a lot easier.

Aristoteles Neto

Dmitriy Kalinin

Apr 7, 2015, 6:18:52 PM4/7/15
Did you provide cpi release tarball for the build script? Did you modify in some way?

I agree it would be nice to have bosh-lite automatically published to all regions. I'll look into how much it would be to copy over AMI and set up vagrantcloud...

Aristoteles Neto

Apr 7, 2015, 6:48:13 PM4/7/15
to Dmitriy Kalinin,
Thanks Dmitriy,

I didn’t modify the manifest in any way.

Aristoteles Neto

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