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Dmitriy Kalinin

Apr 7, 2015, 4:09:31 PM4/7/15
to bosh-...@cloudfoundry.org, bosh...@cloudfoundry.org
Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone here experimented running CF (or any other deployed system) without swap on any IaaS (vSphere, AWS, etc.). Any interesting findings, performance comparisons, etc?


Mike Youngstrom

Apr 7, 2015, 7:27:46 PM4/7/15
to bosh...@cloudfoundry.org, bosh-...@cloudfoundry.org
I haven't tried running without swap.  However, I did ssh to a few of our DEAs most were actually using 20-200M of swap with about 30-40% memory still available.

I personally like having the swap there.  We've run some tests and in scenarios where we've turned off an Availability Zone swap has helped provide a buffer as applications moved into the other AZ.  Not optimal but it worked while the AZ was down.  Performance was also pretty good once it sorted out which apps weren't doing anything and which were.

We set our DEAs to use a heavy overcommit value by default.


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