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A mailing list for people who use BOSH to deploy the Cloud Foundry Open Source project to a public or private cloud.

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What to include when you ask for help Martin Englund 2/14/13
Proposed Changes to `bosh create release` Karl Isenberg 4:34 PM
Errors at the CF Acceptance Tests (CATs) in my bosh-lite Neihy Rincon 2:52 PM
[ruby agent question] monit not starting after cck/resurrection Dr Nic Williams 2:48 PM
Binary BOSHes - an approach to Highly Available BOSH Dr Nic Williams 10:38 AM
target microbosh to a new vCenter 10:32 AM
Running "bosh aws create" ended with AWS::S3::Errors::BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou Евгений Костенко 6:56 AM
Error filling in template `uaa.yml.erb' for `uaa_z1/0' (line 2: undefined method `find' for nil:NilC Werner Gillmer 5:42 AM
[bosh-users] High Availability on bosh. Alan Morán 5:17 AM
Bosh & Cf release & Properties 2:00 AM
http: unexpected EOF reading trailer Werner Gillmer 7/9/14
updating a bosh deployment 7/9/14
Re: [bosh-users] Understanding cloud controller DB model 7/9/14
Cloud foundry deployment failed :The name '74817208-d4b0-4e74-bb27-0b684296623f' already exists. Ward Lee 7/8/14
Bosh in OpenStack Frans Thamura 7/8/14
Scalability & latency-sensitivity of BOSH 7/8/14
bosh deployed VMs get assigned the same IP address 7/8/14
microbosh deploy on openstack failed at last stage 7/7/14
BOSH stable versions ooo pfm 7/7/14
Can BOSH auto allocate floating-ips? ooo pfm 7/7/14
CF SUmmit Video on YouTube and CF account Frans Thamura 7/4/14
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