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GitHub Pull Requests and Issues Update

James Bayer Aug 19, 2013 12:56 AM
Posted in group: Cloud Foundry Developers
Quick summary:
  • we started an experiment to have several rotating engineers dedicated to pull requests and issues 3 weeks ago
  • great news is that we have processed over 200 PRs and about 134 issues in about 3 weeks
  • we've learned a bit about how to improve our handling of PRs and Issues too and we'd like your feedback on our updated policy
More detail:

Here is a view for 
the most recently closed pull requests ordered by most recent:
So that's about 64 closed pull requests in the last week. Some of those are me contributing to docs out of my personal repo, so it's a bit inflated, but not too much. Over 200 pull requests processed (merged or closed, etc) since we began trying dedicated engineers 3 weeks ago.

You can use this view for Issues:
About 60 issues processed in the last week. Before having dedicated people, issues had the potential to go a long time without activity. About 134 issues have been processed since the dedicated team experiment started 3 weeks ago.

Some of the issues were closed before the core issue was addressed because at the time we were working under a policy that if the core team could not work on it soon, that we would close the issue. We've decided to revisit that policy based on feedback. Here is an updated Pull Request and Issue policy that I would love to get your feedback on. You should be able to add comments to this doc. Let us know if you prefer long-form or bullets too.

Thanks for making the Cloud Foundry community so great and we look forward to your feedback!

Thank you,

James Bayer