Flume 0.9.2 Release candidate 0.

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Jonathan Hsieh

Nov 18, 2010, 10:16:29 PM11/18/10
to Flume Development
Hi Flume Developers,

The Flume Team is happy to announce the release of Flume 0.9.2 release
candidate 0.  This is a candidate has several major features and
failure recovery improvements from 0.9.1.  If any blocker bugs are
found in the next few days, we'll create new release candidates as
necessary.  Otherwise, we'll make it an official 0.9.2 release.

A highlight of the updates from 0.9.1 include:
- New NIO based implementations fo tail and exec sources
- Support for Avro-based RPC.
- Support for writing to Kerberized HDFS.
- Support for hadoop compression codecs when writing output files.
- Meaningful error messages in the Flume Shell.
- A new Throttling decorator that allow users to set a max throughput
  on particular sinks.
- More information in a flume node's or a flume master's webpages
  including static configuration, environment, and loaded plugins.
- Many improvements to documentation, including the flume cookbook, man pages.
- 'flogger', a C++-based best-effort flume event logger.

It can be downloaded here:

// Jonathan Hsieh (shay)
// Software Engineer, Cloudera

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