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[Announce] Impala JDBC v2.5.31 driver ana 4/15/16
Important: and are shutting down Henry 4/11/16
What are the intentions of Cloudera for Jdbc and Impala? Randy Hammon 4/11/16
Dynamic Runtime Filter Question Ken Farmer 4/8/16
impala performance and tuning guide Karthikeyan Nagalingam 4/8/16
Impala does not store or interpret timestamps using the local timezone Ruslan Dautkhanov 4/7/16
urgent, cannot start impalad proecess, help dong 4/6/16
will materialized view be supported in the future? Gu Ping 4/5/16
Install Impala without CDH? amit tewari 4/5/16
Unable to make madlibport Daniel 4/4/16
Impala compute incremental stats and insert speed becomes slowly when the partitions and the amount of data is larger Qinggang Wang 4/1/16
Aggregate Operations are Slow Sam 4/1/16
Metadata Result Set Error Manikandan R 3/30/16
The Impala and Kudo Integration. 吴朱华 3/29/16
Instance part of the Kerberos Principal is also displayed as the output of the select user() UDF call in Impala Shell Chandrasekhar R 3/28/16
impala query spend too much time on codegen zhen 3/24/16
got memory limit exceeded when use UDA Jerry 3/24/16
Re: Impala service doesn't start ana 3/24/16
There is 5sec delay before actual execution when the table first time access 吴朱华 3/24/16
histogram() function in Impala Tim Hopper 3/23/16
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