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Number of queries to simultaneously run Niranjan Kamat 2/27/15
How to check SQL failure ratio Jim Green 2/27/15
[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.2.4 and 5.3.2 Released Wendy Turner 2/26/15
What factors control the HDFS reader thread number? Jim Green 2/26/15
Where can I find the Impala Release Schedule for 2015? 吴朱华 2/26/15
Parquet partition 'compression' Sean O'Brien 2/26/15
crushes of daemons Gilad Moscovitch 2/26/15
impala is unable to do selects or count() from hbase mapped tables Sergey Benner 2/26/15
gzip compressed file, but Storage Information - Compressed:No Goun Na 2/25/15
WARNINGS: Resource expansion request exceeded timeout of 5m Christopher Noyes 2/25/15
Cannot write large value when copying data from HBase to Parquet Henrik B. 2/24/15
Impala Unsupported file system - HDFS Federation MrAkhe83 2/24/15
Cancel query Denis Lamanov 2/24/15
Running queries in parallel efraimg 2/23/15
Modifying heap size for catalogd Sean O'Brien 2/23/15
Low ETL performance Henrik B. 2/21/15
Refreshing multiple tables in a view Goun Na 2/20/15
[CDH 5.3] Memory Limit Exceeded when copying data into partitioned parquet table Henrik B. 2/20/15
How to get the JVM thread names of impalad process Jim Green 2/19/15
Performance bottleneck identification from QUery profile sreebalineni 2/19/15
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