Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Too much of the same parameters 杨仁卿 8/15/16
Hue error Ashfaque 8/12/16
hue db migration errors baboya 8/11/16
Reliability issues with results of Hue-Impala editor? ron visbord 8/10/16
Hue issue Ashfaque 8/10/16
Livy fails to run in yarn mode Hue master + Spark 1.5.1 + Hadoop 2.4.0 夏天松 8/9/16
Error while trying to 'Preview sample data' . Ram konchada 8/9/16
database is locked ; hue / hive / parquet Sumit 8/7/16
How to modify the actions in Oozie workflow editor weidong li 8/6/16
Forgot my HUE ID & password :-(. Please help. I am not finding any pointer. Pragati Soni 8/4/16
How to edit jobbrowser/templates/jobs.mako source code? 聶順成 8/3/16
Oozie Workflow fails with Launcher ERROR royojiligwe 8/3/16
building rpm packages for version 3.10 failed due missing file: /root/bigtop-1.1.0/build/hue/rpm/BUILDROOT/hue-3.10.0-1.el7.centos.x86_64/usr/lib/hue/README.rst baboya 8/3/16
Add driver jars to Hue classpath for Interpreters Benjamin Kim 8/1/16
Re: Hue Impala query status in log stops at 42% Romain Rigaux 7/29/16
is hue supported on centos 7? oula alshiekh 7/28/16
Installation of Hue on Apache Hadoop and Hive (Redhat) Balachandar R.A. 7/28/16
How to update file in Hue search? Zjline 7/26/16
Hue/oozie weirdness Guillaume 7/25/16
Blog: SQL Editor for Solr SQL Romain Rigaux 7/22/16
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