Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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How to change the 'HUE' web UI into Chinese, thank you very much Man King 1/1/17
WebHDFS issue Punit Naik 12/27/16
java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: HIVE_TRANSACTIONAL_TABLE_SCAN Wei Mou 12/25/16
Hue Memory Settings Help potluri84 12/23/16
Re: how to set max-retry in hue workflow editor? Romain Rigaux 12/23/16
Is it possible? I want add two collection and get the data in one view of both collection in hue search zahain 12/22/16
Hue: Error 401 with Livy server Facundo Bianco 12/22/16
New security improvements with HTTP only flag, sasl-qop and more Romain Rigaux 12/19/16
ERROR SessionServlet$: internal error Jary Zhen 12/19/16
Issue running Hue Notebook example Richard Walden 12/17/16
default page needs to be changed to notebooks instead home page in Hue Mn Kishore 12/15/16
Marker Map not populating latitude longitude on Solr search Marian-Iulian Tataru 12/14/16
Hue oozie email action Buntu Dev 12/14/16
needs to enable query result set download option in Hue Presto JDBC by default Mn Kishore 12/14/16
Unable to select y axis column name on hue dashboard Heena Yeole 12/12/16
Unable to select y axis column name on hue notebook Heena Yeole 12/8/16
Not able to create graphs in Hue Notebook. Sudev 12/8/16
Sqoop2 doesnt work with Hue 3.11 Roberto Sancho Rojas 12/8/16
Cannot Submit a Hive2 Query using Oozie Editor in Secure CM Cluster(Kerberos + SSL) yaoyaminaco 12/7/16
Re: Hue - Number of jobs loading into job browser Romain Rigaux 12/7/16
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