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[HUE] Managing File Browser (HDFS) folder permissions Dror 4/22/16
Speed up Spark applications in using Livy Youngwoo Kim 4/20/16
Cannot create index HUE 3.9 + hdp 2.3 lucidworks-hdpsearch poling CHEN 4/19/16
Hive-Hbase integrated table via Hue ram 4/19/16
What's the difference between NOWEBSERVICE and SAFEMODE status of Oozie ? 王猛 4/18/16
Hue and LDAP integration is not working Anu Das 4/15/16
hue3.9 dashboard listworkflow 成彦斌 4/15/16
When to relase Hue3.10 ? 王猛 4/14/16
Starting/stopping hue from the tarball Tyler Hale 4/14/16
Send a query and return results in custom HUE app using Beeswax API? Alec 4/13/16
HIVE Revert mapred.input.dir.recursive setting Gubi 4/12/16
Oozie + sqoop action fails when import records from MS SQL Server Victor Sanchez 4/12/16
Upgrade HUE from 2.6 to 3.9 - AMbari 2.2 Prakash Punj 4/10/16
Not possible to Browse Data through Hue when using strict mode Petter von Dolwitz 4/9/16
beeswax can't support permanent UDF query 晓格 4/7/16
Building Hue against python 2.6 Tyler Hale 4/6/16
Hue 3.10 Release Time Xiaojing Gong 4/6/16
Blog: Suggest for Solr Search Dashboards Romain Rigaux 4/6/16
[Bug] Return directory issue JEEEUN LEE 4/4/16
How to change name of action tag in oozie Sagar Karira 4/2/16
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