Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Blog: The Hue 4 user interface in detail enrico.berti 7/24/17
Timed Out Error - Hue Ashvanth R 7/21/17
hue 3.12 search, user grants problem baris akgun 7/20/17
Hue export/import Oozie workflows failing Tom Stewart 7/19/17
yarn_cluster.SECURITY_ENABLED.get() ... 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'SECURITY_ENABLED' Jordan Moore 7/18/17
Re: Hi All, I need your help Romain Rigaux 7/18/17
Blog: Hue 4 SQL Editor improvements Johan Ahlen 7/18/17
Param file for Pig in Hue pig editor, how to set up? DiPa 7/17/17
Blog: Hue 4 and its new interface is out! Romain Rigaux 7/17/17
Issue logging in as SuperUser Richard Walden 7/14/17
Hue install error on Ubuntu 14.04, Python 2.7 Edisnel C. C. 7/13/17
Unable to install in RedHat 6.9 without internet connection J. Pablo Redondo 7/12/17
text facet problem baris akgun 7/12/17
Hue cache locations? Database migration? 1/3 Servers consistently generates an error Jordan Moore 7/12/17
Hue Unmanageable server error occurred: Krissh Nan 7/12/17
Need your suggestion regrading Hemant Jain 7/12/17
Hue search, time based query problem baris akgun 7/6/17
ssl connection for Postgres SQL used for Hue Desktop database 7/5/17
Smart indexing using solr Sajeev Benny 7/5/17
Http Basic Authentication in Hue Vinay Mundada 7/4/17
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