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HUE Notebook Spark Job Accepted but not running?? Xiaojing Gong 1/29/16
Hue Notebook python Language Xiaojing Gong 1/29/16
Sqoop error:Could not get connectors Matthew 1/28/16
Hue notebook with SPARK SQL Xiaojing Gong 1/28/16
Hue Notebook talk to Spark Standalone and Mesos ? Xiaojing Gong 1/28/16
A question about the security in hue 2.6 bahan 1/27/16
Oozie's "Now" value for Nominal Time is not the current GMT time Lucas Lingle 1/26/16
Error while running RAMANI NATARAJAN 1/26/16
hue notebook bug, (using java script) hyunwoo cho 1/26/16
how to control livy job local file access? hyunwoo cho 1/25/16
display filebrowser in iframe Derek Toub 1/25/16
can i launch my spark notebook using oozie scheduling? hyunwoo cho 1/24/16
Can anyone help solve the issue "u'spark' is not a registered namespace"? Shaoquan Zhang 1/23/16
livy test problem: Failed to execute goal org.scalatest:scalatest-maven-plugin:1.0:test (test) on project livy-spark_2.10: There are test failures Ruslan Dautkhanov 1/22/16
Oozie and Job History Server configuration problems Coatless 1/22/16
Building Hue for "Vanilla" hadoop and spark 1/22/16
Spark + Sentry + Kerberos don't add up? Ruslan Dautkhanov 1/20/16
Re: hue notebook support "matplotlib" ? Romain Rigaux 1/20/16
Pre-build Version of Hue Aleks Rapoport 1/20/16
Decimal() is not JSON serializable error in Hue for DbQuery - CDH 5.4.3/Hue 3.7 rockssk 1/19/16
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