Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Workflow Search throws exception bipin reddy 9/14/17
is it possible to create incremental sqoop jobs via Hue - Oozie Ongun Demirler 9/13/17
EMR 5.8 & Hue/Hive Performance/Stability Specifics GW 9/13/17
Cannot access: //. Note: you are a Hue admin but not a HDFS superuser, "hdfs" or part of HDFS supergroup, "supergroup". San 9/12/17
Fwd: Hue submit as user is hive instead of user name Mukund Agilisium 9/12/17
Hue HA config - 500 error Mukund Agilisium 9/12/17
Lock wait timeout exceeded, Exception: Operation has no valid handle attached 9/12/17
Download Hue tarball Mikhail Snitavets 9/11/17
SQL for Spark temporary views Maziyar Panahi 9/11/17
Hue 3.12 loads file browser and job browser very slow John Ross Tasipit 9/10/17
Hue 4.0 and Apache Solr 6.5 Agostino Calamita 9/9/17
Create Dashboard with custom HIVE querry Hassaan mustafa 9/5/17
Hue Close Queries Issue HIVE_CONF_DIR 9/5/17
Django Admin page Mukund Agilisium 9/5/17
HUE performance 9/4/17
HUE install issues Hassaan mustafa 9/3/17
HUE username in LoadBalancer logs Rams 8/31/17
Shell or REST api to find long running jobs and kill them Amirdha Gopal 8/24/17
Hue 3.12 unable to read S3 Bucket with dots in name 8/23/17
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