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Hue 3.10.0 is not stable, occasionally will not be able to use BinZhang 9/18/16
Hue Invalid method name : GetSchemas after CDH 5.1 Upgrade for Impala Editor PP Raja 9/15/16
Oozie skip a node without error Ronghua Zhu 9/15/16
Sync user/groups with nested groups Andrés López 9/15/16
oozie Email action mohammed vasim 9/14/16
Capture Date Ouput from Script(Shell) and provide it as input for HIVE mohammed vasim 9/14/16
TLS/SSL Establishing connection Krissh Nan 9/14/16
Issue running Sqoop from Oozie through HUE Web UI Santanu Bose 9/14/16
Hive Authz through Apache Sentry Amit Mula 9/14/16
Notebook Github integration Authorization callback URL Rick Bernotas 9/14/16
Trouble with multiple Auth backends Matt Chapman 9/14/16
Spark Streaming With XML Parsing Saro saravanan 9/13/16
S3 Connection Miguel Moraleja 9/13/16
LDAP bug with no search bind auth Matt Chapman 9/12/16
ERROR: hadoop.fs.fs_test.test_hdfs_copy - ERROR Amita 9/8/16
Can't submit job to spark cluster from Hue Notebook Amit Tyagi 9/8/16
Use Apache HUE with Kylin Alberto Ramón 9/7/16
Hue Oozie SLA Mismatch from notification vs actual run/finish time in Hue Kevin Peng 9/7/16
HUE pyspark driver version error Weinrot Che 9/7/16
Re: Hue error: 'ApplicationAts' object has no attribute 'filter_tasks' Romain Rigaux 9/7/16
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