Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Drag & Drop saved Hive queries into your workflows Romain Rigaux 6/6/16
Re: Migrating SQLite to Postgres Dale Bradman 6/6/16
Links in dashboards Dani S.G. 6/5/16
Why HBase time out while Kerberos enbled? Zhang Ruiqiang 6/4/16
Hue Blog post: UI to edit Sentry privileges of Solr collections Romain Rigaux 6/3/16
HUE process overload CPU Orlando Cassano 6/3/16
SparkSQL Configuration Lin Fangshu 6/2/16
Hue with kerberos enabled cannot talk to sentry server Shenggu Lu 6/1/16
Having the following issues with Hue Dave 6/1/16
Hue with Kerberos and SSL does not recognize Resource Manager Will Dailey 5/31/16
Saved notebooks doest not appear to be loaded correctly in Hue 3.10.0 lim sangseok 5/30/16
i can't share workflow or coordinator in hue 3.10.0 陈昱 5/27/16
I upgrade hue from 3.9.0 to 3.10.0 but got some problems 陈昱 5/27/16
When to deploy hue3.10 on Sun 5/26/16
Is it possible to see a list of spark streaming jobs and kill some of them? Tianji Li 5/26/16
Oozie is on Hiveserver2 actions Orlando Cassano 5/25/16
HUE3.10:Errors of YARN type job detail Zhang Ruiqiang 5/25/16
notebook GateWay timeout (error 504) 成彦斌 5/25/16
3.10 RDBMS & Results Downloads MikeM 5/24/16
hue 3.9.0 job browser filtering problem joel 5/24/16
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