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Frequent calls to /jobbrowser/jobs/ HTTP/1.1 Petter von Dolwitz 3/29/17
HUE Internal reporting tool single sign on solution Benny van der Poel 3/29/17
User [hue] is not authorized to view the logs for attempt_1427717947268_0003_r_000000_0 3/27/17
Pig Query Editor: "No Available Logs" John Ross Tasipit 3/27/17
Hue 3.11 S3 Credentials Benjamin Kim 3/27/17
Hue on EMR Oved 3/17/17
Hi all, I'm trying to learn Hadoop. I installed Virtual Box and Cloudera VM Quick Start. I logged in to Hue using cloudera userid. But the Check configuration fails. Please see the details. Ajay 3/17/17
Couldn't sync devices Try signing in again with Philips Hue. Nathan Biller 3/17/17
Database tables not showing in HUE-Hive Editor karthee ë 3/16/17
Hue step by step installation on Centos 7 Srinivas Chary 3/15/17
Hue error Krissh Nan 3/13/17
Hue Upgrade considerations Saurabh 3/9/17
In Hue 3.11, Time difference coming in the time series plot date_time and my logs date_time. Ashish Tyagi 3/9/17
Permission for Notebook doesn't take effect sKD_BD 3/8/17
Data Dictionary for Hue 3.12 Toni LeTempt 3/8/17
time difference in hue 3.11 time series date_time and my logs date_time. Ashish Tyagi 3/8/17
Hive Server Application Won't Work on Hue 3.12 Ram Charan Tej 3/7/17
make install issue InnoEye 3/7/17
Hue to submit job to different hadoop cluster skd-swandha 3/6/17
Openid configuration Rénald Koch 3/6/17
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