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"FileNotFoundException: hive-site.xml (Permission denied) " of Hive in Job designer 王猛 9/28/15
unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'Undefined' and 'str' zhen li 9/27/15
Blog post: How to use the Livy Spark REST Job Server API for doing some interactive Spark with curl Romain Rigaux 9/25/15
HUE installation rendering in Private IP not public 9/25/15
hue web show data loss 木子岂 9/25/15
When release Hue4.0 王猛 9/25/15
Hue and Hiveserver2 running on different machines: NullPointerException on performing view Metastore Table 9/25/15
Hue installation Milind Gunjan 9/25/15
Blog: Bay Area bike share analysis with the Hadoop Notebook and Spark & SQL Romain Rigaux 9/25/15 is blacklisted 9/25/15
where is the 'settings.LOGIN_URL' defined zhen li 9/25/15
Hue 3.9 + Spark = Some success, but still stuck on spark queries 9/23/15
答复: How to speed up HUE display? 吴博立 9/22/15
How to use livy-server with spark 1.5? 9/22/15
Coordinator Editor unable to see workflows created in Job Designer uday menon 9/21/15
Error/warning message "There was a problem with your request" Caesar Samsi 9/21/15
Adobe Software Users Holly 9/18/15
difference between "django_server_email" and "default_from_email" in hue.ini 王猛 9/17/15
Connect Hue to multiple hive metastores 9/14/15
Oozie time zone (UTC+8) 王猛 9/14/15
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