Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Hue build for running on Windows 7 server Sudhakara Allam 4/26/18
Download query result from Presto JDBC interface Rohit Jangid 4/22/18
A problem caused by jar conflicts when submitting job by hue 4/19/18
SQL editor variables Jean-François Desjeans Gauthier 4/5/18
Question regarding times and timezones for Oozie Coordinators Lars Francke 4/5/18
Hue job failed with hive-exec*.jar not found error 4/2/18
Spark Submit Jar does not respect the parameters in the configuration panel Theyaa Matti 3/29/18
Installation Video - HUE on Ubunto 14.04 mayur gupta 3/28/18
how to add leaflet maps to hue william maniates 3/28/18
Hue & Active Directory Updated Passwords - Old passwords are still working. Saleh S.B. 3/27/18
Hue 4.2 release date Theyaa Matti 3/23/18
Running shell script with Oozie Prashant Tiwari 3/18/18
Could not connect to localhost:10000 (code THRIFTTRANSPORT): TTransportException('Could not connect to localhost:10000',) Jaime Paz 3/16/18
How To Add LD_LIBRARAY_PATH of oozie java job Nimmi Cv 3/16/18
Support for rules Enrico 3/16/18
HUE Pam backend Travis Vaske 3/12/18
Pam authentication do not consider access authentication verification through pam_access Theyaa Matti 3/6/18
Spark Submit Python not work with Hue 4.1 Theyaa Matti 3/5/18
Solr SQL shows up only for admins Theyaa Matti 3/3/18
Regarding migration of Hue-3.12 DB from SQLite3 to MYSQL 3/1/18
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