Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Encrypt Hue DB Password Theyaa Matti 2/15/18
Security Bulletins Observor 2/13/18
Can we run two hue(3.12 and 4.1) version at the same time on different port 2/13/18
Hue Importer from External database Raimondas Berniunas 2/12/18
LDAP group is not syncing with Hue 2/12/18
Data Importer Raimondas Berniunas 2/9/18
Blog post: Easier administration of Hue with the new Threads and Metrics pages Romain Rigaux 2/1/18
Hue 4.0 Issue with Pig editor in kerberos cluster Илья Гордеенко 2/1/18
Apache Hue integration with LDAP SurajL 1/31/18
Access Hue via API Raimondas Berniunas 1/31/18
Document "Save as" extension Raimondas Berniunas 1/30/18
Hue 4.1 Hive Query editor - Not retrying thrift call GetSchemas due to socket timeout 1/30/18
hplsql on Hue Raimondas Berniunas 1/30/18
HBase browser create table js error Zhang Ruiqiang 1/26/18
Hue and Ubuntu Nayef Roqaya 1/24/18
Hue 4.1 - Indexer JDBC Database Name Field NOT populated after successful connection Theyaa Matti 1/24/18
ClassNotFoundException connecting to external Database - Driver Jar File Location Theyaa Matti 1/23/18
Hue Search - missing columns 1/20/18
A translation error Zhang Ruiqiang 1/20/18
Admin manual blocked by nav bar Scott Schlosser 1/19/18
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