Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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hue load hive is slow Wenhui Ge 7/1/16
pyspark not working due to python module not found, path to module set on PYTHONPATH env var Gael Abadin 7/1/16
getting to work livy standalone server with hue Gael Abadin 7/1/16
Hive Query History removed in HUE 3.10 ? Orlando Cassano 6/30/16
Solr UI Marker Map with Google Maps Aniruddh 6/30/16
Blog: New SQL Editor in Hue Romain Rigaux 6/30/16
need help on understanding the hue project student 6/30/16
Your content is getting scraped and images hot linked Gene Robinson 6/27/16
Hue and Spark jobservers Nick Travers 6/24/16
Hue give me Server Error (500) when i acces list oozie workflow id to know status zaenal rifai 6/24/16
query results of Query editor garbled Sun 6/21/16
Livy not connected to the configured resource manager but the default local one Shady 6/20/16
Negative Actual Duration in Oozie Kevin Peng 6/19/16
Re: if Hue session is closed automatically Romain Rigaux 6/17/16
Blog: Introducing Hue's New Home Page Jenny Kim 6/16/16
Re: Hue Read time out Romain Rigaux 6/16/16
Hue Sentry access Vaidyanathan Radhakrishnan 6/15/16
Import ldap groups Vaidyanathan Radhakrishnan 6/15/16
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Session is in state error (error 500) Sai Kireety 6/14/16
Blog: Introducing the New Login Modal and Idle Session Timeout Romain Rigaux 6/13/16
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