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JobBrowser and HA ResourceManager - Hadoop 2.6.0 and Hue 3.9 Greg Senia 8/28/15
Is it possible to run Hue directly over Nginx Henrique Barcelos 8/28/15
Workflow Editor - Hive Action (hive-site.xml) 8/28/15
creating a user for a restricted group with the shell Ranil De Silva 8/28/15
Hue Hive is not working properly. 8/28/15
What is the real response of Livy Spark REST server GET /batches method 8/28/15
"django_server_email: can not receive any internal error messages 王猛 8/27/15
Bug with using escaped Unicode in Hive / Impala Query editor? 8/27/15
Hue 3.9 JobBrowser Exceptions Greg Senia 8/27/15
Tez jobs failing on hue megha garg 8/27/15
Hue Solr Integration gone awry 8/26/15
Hue Exception Greg Senia 8/26/15
Additional Hue Exception in 3.9 Greg Senia 8/26/15
HUE Coordinator jobs get submitted with improper timezone 8/26/15
Re: Hue - Spark [Help] Erick Tryzelaar 8/26/15
Hue 3.9 Igor Varha 8/26/15
Hue Service did not start successfully; not all of the required roles started: Service has only 0 Hue Server roles running instead of minimum required 1. 8/26/15
Hue 3.9 + Spark = Some success, but still stuck on spark queries 8/25/15
Hue Web responsed very slowly. 王猛 8/25/15
Hive editor not working from HUE UI. rancho das 8/25/15
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