Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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is hue supported on centos 7? oula alshiekh 9:31 AM
Installation of Hue on Apache Hadoop and Hive (Redhat) Balachandar R.A. 1:57 AM
How to update file in Hue search? Zjline 7/26/16
Oozie Workflow fails with Launcher ERROR royojiligwe 7/26/16
Hue/oozie weirdness Guillaume 7/25/16
Hue give me Server Error (500) when i acces list oozie coordinator id to know status zaenal rifai 7/25/16
Blog: SQL Editor for Solr SQL Romain Rigaux 7/22/16
Hue give me Server Error (500) when i acces list oozie workflow id to know status zaenal rifai 7/19/16
Blog: Change your maps look and feel Romain Rigaux 7/19/16
HUE 3.10 Adding Jars to classpath for Hive Queries Chriss Vincelette 7/19/16
Hue notebook error when adding a new snippet jaesub park 7/18/16
How to share user's queries by default on HUE 3.9? Ram konchada 7/18/16
Facet Text Search doesn't return more than 10 entries Francesco Masucci 7/18/16
View logs from Job Browser for non superuser Michaël Van de Borne 7/14/16
[Livy]Unable to add jars when creating a session John Xu 7/14/16
Error starting HUE 3.9 Prakash Punj 7/14/16
location of supervisor file Prakash Punj 7/14/16
A translation error Zhang Ruiqiang 7/14/16
[Search Dashbord] - Counter Widget Hidden Leonardo 7/13/16
Microsoft Azure HDInsight HUE Johannes Snyman 7/12/16
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