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javascript error in Hue Demo -> New Search -> One or two column layout Jochen Kempf 6/20/17
Query from hive UI returned java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: argument was null:Is null- arg1? true arg2? true error Norliana Maleh 6/18/17
[Hue 3.12] Pig editor progress bar shows 100% but not displaying succeeded John Ross Tasipit 6/15/17
Deploying Oozie jobs created using hue from dev environment to prod environment Vidyan Komuravelli 6/15/17
Apache Ranger and Hue Vinay Mundada 6/15/17
Need help with the Hue configuration errors Snehaa Ganeshan 6/14/17
Http Basic Authentication in Hue Vinay Mundada 6/14/17
Pig Query Editor: "No Available Logs" John Ross Tasipit 6/13/17
Hue is wrongly translating the Mapred History Server hostname to localhost Juan Manuel Nieto 6/12/17
Solr error Sajeev Benny 6/12/17
Table creation - missing directory Sajeev Benny 6/11/17
Installing Hue for an HDInsight HDP cluster Vinay Mundada 6/11/17
Hive date dim - Customise week no Kunal D 6/10/17
Is there an API that Hue provides for Cloudera Search? D Campo 6/7/17
Permission for Notebook doesn't take effect sKD_BD 6/6/17
Format Date HMZ 6/5/17
Coordinator fails with AccessControlException: Permission denieid Daniel Burciu 6/4/17
Not able run Oozie Jobs from Hue Hemant Jain 6/3/17
Is there a way we can disable "Did you know' on hue home page mohamed ali 6/2/17
Spark Notebook - External package seems to be loaded but cannot be imported Sebastian Hätälä 6/2/17
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