Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Getting error while creating solr index in Hui 3.11 integration with solr 4.10.2 and external zookeeper Ashish Tyagi 1/20/17
Ranger Hue Integration Theyaa Matti 1/19/17
Hue3.11 compatible with HDP-2.5? Vanshish Mehra 1/19/17
Problem when running Oozie example workflow from not default cluster user Andy 1/19/17
How to run R scripts in Hue/Oozie Buntu Dev 1/17/17
is not JSON Serializable` Dhvanika Shah 1/17/17
HBase in QuickStart VM Xavier Morera 1/17/17
ValueError: Unknown password hashing algorithm ''. Did you specify it in the PASSWORD_HASHERS setting? Pete Bulman 1/17/17
How to configure Hue to use Hive through ZooKeeper Service Discovery Markovich 1/11/17
Re: Hue: Problem run a script shell Romain Rigaux 1/7/17
Does file browser support 2/multiple HDFS? Evan 1/7/17
How to configure HUE for access without proxy Tony Piazza 1/7/17
How do I raise errors from spark jobs via livy Vivek Suvarna 1/5/17
Blog post: Upload large archive files to HDFS and extract them in the background Romain Rigaux 1/5/17
Hue 3.11 HDP2.5.3 Failed to find entity: HTTPConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=7187) Tom Stewart 1/5/17
Blog post: Oozie Improvements in 3.12 with email notifications and extended dashboard filtering Romain Rigaux 1/4/17
Blog post: SQL Improvements with row counts, sample popup and more Romain Rigaux 1/3/17
The loading issue of data table for DB Query module. 吴朱华 1/2/17
Hue ignoring time_zone setting in hue.ini Enrique Sainz Baixauli 1/1/17
Chinese character error in 3.11 sql editor bruce 1/1/17
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