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Re: "Cannot run program ’spark-submit‘ " when start livy after RPM install hue enrico.berti 3:25 AM
Sqoop-Error: Connectors cannot be retrieved Matthias Schmidt 11/27/15
"Cannot run program 'spark-submit' " when start Livy after RPM install hue Wang Bin 11/26/15
Generation of pre-defined Hue dashboards Unai 11/26/15
Issue in Table Metastore Orlando Cassano 11/25/15
Corrupted workflows (3.6.0 & master branch) Chengbing Liu 11/24/15
Error with Hue 3.8.1 Christophe GUITTON 11/24/15
Read csv files from file manager or table metastore using R session Samy Geronymos 11/24/15
Latest Hue 3.9 on CDH5.5 is on on! Romain Rigaux 11/23/15
Unable to make changes to beeswax's config property "share_saved_queries" to be working on CDH 5.4.8 on EC2 Roberto 11/23/15
Does multi workflow/coordinator can rely on the same public dataset which is defined just one time ? 王猛 11/23/15
Livy Spark Job Server Startup Benjamin Kim 11/22/15
Pig-ORCStorage Jegan Baskar 11/22/15
Chart Scala Results in Notebooks Benjamin Kim 11/22/15
Cannot connect to Hue Server, not listening on specified port 11/20/15
Oozie Impala Action Benjamin Kim 11/20/15
hue3.9 oozie coordinator concurrency error Silen Jia 11/20/15
How to increase maximum length of hue Coordinator name’s characters ? 王猛 11/20/15
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