Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Hue Search - missing columns 1/20/18
A translation error Zhang Ruiqiang 1/20/18
Admin manual blocked by nav bar Scott Schlosser 1/19/18
Hue install Issue 张昊 1/18/18
HUE 3.12 Hive Editor says success but shows no results. Chriss Vincelette 1/18/18
Connect HUE to AWS athena Rahul Nair 1/18/18
Hue 4.1 Hive Query editor - Not retrying thrift call GetSchemas due to socket timeout 1/18/18
Workflow Search throws exception bipin reddy 1/16/18
Blog post: Intuitively discovering and exploring a Wine dataset with the Dynamic Dashboards Romain Rigaux 1/16/18
Create Hue Search dashboard with Html-Widget 1/15/18
How to increase performance on Hue 4.1 J. Pablo Redondo 1/11/18
Self Service BI: doing a Customer 360 by querying and joining Salesforce, Marketing and log datasets Romain Rigaux 1/10/18
Hue to Hive2 connection (beeswax) not working when I try to enable ssl on both hue and hive2 1/9/18
build/env/bin/hue migrate failed during upgrade. Anandha Loganathan 1/8/18
Unable to create hive table using Hue metastore Vivek MN 1/8/18
I am Try to execute the Pig Script It can not Completed. nagaraj v 1/8/18
How to optimally configure your analytic database for high availability with hue and other sql clients Romain Rigaux 1/3/18
Hue losing connection to Hive regularly Rajesh KSV 12/28/17
Hue with ElasticSearch 12/25/17
Timezone change in Hue Nikos Mih 12/20/17
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