[ANNOUNCE] CDH4.2.1 Now Available

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[ANNOUNCE] CDH4.2.1 Now Available Wendy Turner 4/23/13 5:19 PM

On behalf of the CDH team at Cloudera, I am happy to announce the general availability of CDH4.2.1. This is a maintenance update to the CDH4 platform and provides a number of bug fixes and stability enhancements. Some of the key fixes include:

  • HBase
    • HBASE-7369 HConnectionManager should remove aborted connections
    • HBASE-7991 Backport HBASE-6479 'HFileReaderV1 caching the same parent META block could cause server abort when splitting' to 0.94
    • HBASE-8099 ReplicationZookeeper.copyQueuesFromRSUsingMulti should not return any queues if it failed to execute.
    • HBASE-8199 Eliminate exception for ExportSnapshot against the null table snapshot
    • HBASE-8211 Support for NN HA for 0.94
    • HBASE-8288 HBaseFileSystem: Refactoring and correct semantics for createPath methods
  • HDFS
    • HDFS-3224 - Bug in check for DN re-registration with different storage ID.
    • HDFS-3277 - fail over to loading a different FSImage if the first one we try to load is corrupt.
    • HDFS-3990 - NN's health report has severe performance problems
    • HDFS-4246 - The exclude node list should be more forgiving, for each output stream.
    • HDFS-4304 - Make FSEditLogOp.MAX_OP_SIZE configurable.
    • HDFS-4521 - Invalid network toploogies should not be cached.
    • HDFS-4538 - Allow use of legacy blockreader.
    • HDFS-4569 - Small image transfer related cleanups.
    • HDFS-4595 - When short circuit read is fails, DFSClient does not fallback to regular reads.
    • HDFS-4596 - Shutting down namenode during checkpointing can lead to md5sum error.
    • HDFS-4591 - HA clients can fail to fail over while Standby NN is performing long checkpoint.
    • HDFS-4618 - Default transaction interval for checkpoints is too low.
  • Hadoop
    • HADOOP-8469 - Make NetworkTopology class pluggable.
    • HADOOP-9125 - LdapGroupsMapping threw CommunicationException after some idle time.
    • HADOOP-9150 - Avoid unnecessary DNS resolution attempts for logical URIs.
  • Hive
    • HIVE-2264 - Hive Driver calls System.exit() which causes HiveServer to exit
    • HIVE-3528 - Avro SerDe doesn't handle serializing Nullable types that require access to a Schema
  • Hue
    • HUE-1082 - Ldap Sync Users fails in the latest code branch
  • MapReduce

For more details on the release, please see the release notes: http://www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera-content/cloudera-docs/CDH4/latest/CDH4-Release-Notes/CDH4-Release-Notes.html

Refer to the CDH4 Quick Start Guide or CDH4 Installation Guide for more information on how to install this update release.

CDH4 Quick Start Guide: http://www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera-content/cloudera-docs/CDH4/latest/CDH4-Quick-Start/CDH4-Quick-Start.html

CDH4 Installation Guide: http://www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera-content/cloudera-docs/CDH4/latest/CDH4-Installation-Guide/CDH4-Installation-Guide.html

As always, we are happy to hear your feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to cdh-...@cloudera.com.

Going forward we will be posting to the CDH Announce list for all new release announcements. Please sign up at: http://lists.cloudera.com/mailman/listinfo/cdh-announce.

Wendy Turner
Cloudera CDH Release Manager