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MapReduceIndexerTool/MorphlineMapper fails as Oozie shell action Federico Méndez 3:30 AM
No docs returned after increasing number of shards to more than 1 Sidharth Ramachandran 4/28/15
Cloudera Lily HBase Solr Step by step Tutorial sri hari kali charan Tummala 4/19/15
Issue with MapReduceIndexerTool on kerberized Cluster Gennadiy Greenberg 4/16/15
MapReduceIndexerTool failing because of a bug in JobTracker class Victor Solakhian 4/14/15
MapReduceIndexerTool issue in Cloudera 5.3.2 Victor Solakhian 4/13/15
[ANNOUCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.3.3 Released! Wendy Turner 4/10/15
org.apache.avro.util.Utf8 prepended to all string fields indexed? Russell Jurney 4/8/15
Indexing Hasmik Sarkezians 4/2/15
Re: Cloudera Search from the Tarball Harsh J 3/24/15
arrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when faceting on a large index Majid Alfifi 3/23/15
Unable to complete search tutorial for: Filesystem closed Exception bigdatagroup 3/18/15
What is the meaning of having Solr Cloud shard replicas, if indexing fails when a host is down? Victor Solakhian 3/13/15
Re: Hue/Solr Dashboard Load Time Performance Romain Rigaux 3/10/15
Re: is it possible to search rich text document in the search app Romain Rigaux 3/9/15
Hue Search facet.method Frédéric Krantz 3/9/15
How to pass seperator list to solr using morphline Vikas A 3/6/15 peer not authenticated with Flume-ng 1.5 on Java 1.7 George Blazer 3/6/15
[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.2.4 and 5.3.2 Released Wendy Turner 2/26/15
Custom Component does not appear in Solr Admin (4 node cluster) but works on quickstart VM Pritesh Patel 2/18/15
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