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wrong config in spark-defaults.conf roy 8:41 AM
Spark History server error (No completed applications found) roy 8:23 AM
Problem with job scheduling for hive jobs from hue in a sentry enabled cluster AMAL G JOSE 5:43 AM
Zookeeper exception -T 6/1/15
Oozie job needs access multiple name nodes (Federated and HA setup) Atul Kulkarni 6/1/15
cloudera manager installation error siddharth 6/1/15
escaping special characters in string data type in hive Deepak Gupta 5/31/15
hive data retrieval -T 5/29/15
Re: Dir creation in /usr/lib 5/29/15
Cloudera installed, but services not running properly Venu Katragadda 5/29/15
hdfs service configuration showing "failed parameter validation" Neil Y 5/28/15
"Reason for change" - where do they end up? Erik Forsberg 5/28/15
Issues with YARN ApplicationMaster balaji rajan 5/27/15
Parcel support for oozie Meghana 5/26/15
[ANNOUNCE] CDH 5.4.2 Released Wendy Turner 5/21/15
Cloudera-SCM-Server not starting Vishnu Kanth 5/21/15
kafka logging Tim Williams 5/20/15
Upgrade of Hadoop cluster from 5.1.2 to 5.2.1. Anupam sinha 5/20/15
Stopping services from cmd (equivalent to CM "Stop All") Cheers 5/20/15
Manually restarting a service installed via Cloudera Manager Vishnu Kanth 5/20/15
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