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OutOfMemoryError in catalog server Arvin 5:55 PM
Exceeded the maximum depth of an expression tree (2000). Abhi Basu 9:08 AM
NameNode shows PriviledgedActionException as:impala (auth:SIMPLE) The ACL operation has been rejecte MrAkhe83 1:30 AM nao student 5/26/15
Update a row in impala Olgun Aydın 5/26/15
Getting warning after running sql in Impala Venkata Gattala 5/26/15
Execution plan meaning Miguel A. Sotomayor 5/25/15
Slow Impala performances MrAkhe83 5/22/15
Impala ETL query failing.. Gautam Kowshik 5/21/15
[ANNOUNCE] New Hive and Impala JDBC drivers released Wendy Turner 5/21/15
Impala adds quotes to Columns(that contain quotes) when --delimited option is used Sanjay Subramanian 5/21/15
[ANNOUNCE] CDH 5.4.2 Released Wendy Turner 5/21/15
Where can I find the Impala Release Schedule for 2015? 吴朱华 5/20/15
Upgrades to CDH 5.4.1 from Releases Prior to 5.4.0 May Fail Wendy Turner 5/20/15
unknown disk id count MrAkhe83 5/20/15
ERROR: Error: Error: could not match input ? sri hari kali charan Tummala 5/19/15
WARNINGS: Resource expansion request exceeded timeout of 5m Christopher Noyes 5/18/15
Georgy 5/18/15
Impala returns with wrong results :-( But Hive returns with correct results Sanjay Subramanian 5/17/15
[ANNOUNCE] Cloudera Enterprise 5.4.1 Released Wendy Turner 5/15/15
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