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Low ETL performance Henrik B. 7/31/15
Decomposing a column and aggregating on top of it Masoud Tavazoei 7/31/15
Anyway to check current running queries without web UI? Jim Green 7/31/15
Impala 2.1.1-cdh5 stop working after series of leaked memory and Arkadiusz Bicz 7/31/15
ODBC errors since version 2.5.26 MrAkhe83 7/31/15
Impala sentry setup in Cloudera 5.3 ? sri hari kali charan Tummala 7/31/15
A weird issue on codegen. 吴朱华 7/30/15
Impalad version 2.1.3-cdh5 (Impala SQL Issues) sri hari kali charan Tummala 7/29/15
Impala ODBC does not retain the pwd when choosing username/password authentication method MrAkhe83 7/27/15
Impala Hive support matrx Jim Green 7/24/15
[ANNOUNCE] New Hive and Impala JDBC drivers released Wendy Turner 7/24/15
Can we use beeline to connect to impala? Jim Green 7/24/15
Clear Impala table and column stats Brett M 7/24/15
Issues with Impala Over Hbase Nayan Paul 7/22/15
Why Impala not working on hbase table? Tao Tang 7/22/15
Aggregator node execution Brice Giesbrecht 7/21/15
HDFS Caching not working Nick Wolf 7/21/15
Catalog Server uses all available memory Sparky 7/21/15
CSV with Quoted Strings Shant 7/21/15
Too large peak mem Tomohiro Sugiyama 7/20/15
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