Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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Unable to select y axis column name on hue dashboard Heena Yeole 12/8/16
Unable to select y axis column name on hue notebook Heena Yeole 12/8/16
Not able to create graphs in Hue Notebook. Sudev 12/8/16
Sqoop2 doesnt work with Hue 3.11 Roberto Sancho Rojas 12/8/16
Cannot Submit a Hive2 Query using Oozie Editor in Secure CM Cluster(Kerberos + SSL) yaoyaminaco 12/7/16
Re: Hue - Number of jobs loading into job browser Romain Rigaux 12/7/16
Assign a dynamic IP to your machine with Hue Matt G 12/4/16
Phoenix JDBC can't integrate with Plotting feature. John 12/1/16
numExecutors configuration in HUE Anandha Loganathan 12/1/16
Hue3.11 compatible with HDP-2.5? Vanshish Mehra 11/30/16
Spark in HUE with YARN mode Anandha Loganathan 11/28/16
Potential misconfiguration detected. Fix and restart Hue. ANOOP V S 11/24/16
Hue command windows parse args in wrong way 卢宁 11/24/16
HUE-4716 Alberto Ramón 11/22/16
Problem with integrating MySQL into Notebooks Dale Bradman 11/22/16
How do I load Spark-csv package in HUE Anandha Loganathan 11/21/16
Add Hive in Blacklist Andy 11/21/16
How to retrieve results remotely Vivek Suvarna 11/17/16
Hue export/import Oozie workflows failing Tom Stewart 11/9/16
Making changes to Hive Editor RPaydar 11/9/16
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