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Re: Hive in hue---beeswax_queryhistory.is_cleared may not be NULL Romain Rigaux 6:21 AM
DashBoards on rdbms Alberto Ramón 6:08 AM
how to upgrate timeline automaticlly in search? Zjline 6:00 AM
Blog: How to Schedule Spark jobs with Spark on YARN and Oozie Romain Rigaux 8/23/16
HUE->Notebook->PySpark runs python code as HUE/Livy user Shannon Schlueter 8/23/16
install kerberos in cdh 5.8 BumJin Chung 8/22/16
hue users need to be linux user(kerberos, hue,sentry, in cloudera) ? BumJin Chung 8/22/16
HUE pyspark driver version error Weinrot Che 8/22/16
No privileges found for the selected item Joaquín Silva 8/22/16
Re: can't execute hive queries mohammed vasim 8/18/16
Disable authentication / Default superuser Gabriel West 8/18/16
Hue give me Server Error (500) when i acces list oozie coordinator id to know status zaenal rifai 8/17/16
Hue 3.7.0 hive 13 kerberos fetch_result issue Igor Varha 8/17/16
issue while HUE 3.10 Adding Jars to classpath for Mysql query Ray Xu 8/16/16
Can't submit job to spark cluster from Hue Notebook Amit Tyagi 8/16/16
Too much of the same parameters 杨仁卿 8/15/16
Hue error Ashfaque 8/12/16
hue db migration errors baboya 8/11/16
Reliability issues with results of Hue-Impala editor? ron visbord 8/10/16
Hue issue Ashfaque 8/10/16
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