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HUE and multi-tenancy Loïc Chanel 8:41 AM
Can we limit One User to only have One session in Hue ? Tarun Chatterjee 4/25/17
Coordinator fails with AccessControlException: Permission denieid Daniel Burciu 4/24/17
Help me for school Eli Herskovits 4/22/17
Hue 3.12 404 Bad Request using SSL Tom Stewart 4/22/17
Error running oozie workflow from hue Daniel Tardón 4/21/17
Hue Notebook question - is it possible to set up auto-save and extend query result expiration? Ashutosh Sanzgiri 4/21/17
How to control on sub-workflow, which sub-workflow should be started first when executed from master-workflow? Hastimal Jangid 4/20/17
Hue3.11 compatible with HDP-2.5? Vanshish Mehra 4/19/17
Hive and Hue both enabled LDAP, in Hue, it shows Failed to authenticate to HiveServer2, check authentication configurations. Yan Tang 4/18/17
HUE Experiencing Timeouts (Broken Pipe) Miguel 4/14/17
HUE Web UI Error Impala Could not connect to localhost:21050 张强 4/10/17
Blog post: Job Browsing Improvements Sai Krishnan Chirravuri 4/10/17
Sometimes cannot kill Jobs in Job Browser Chriss Vincelette 4/10/17
Is autocomplete and spell check work in hue search zahain 4/8/17
Solr server could not be contacted properly: 'znode' zahain 4/8/17
HUE error after restart cannot import name TGetLogReq Abraham 4/5/17
Currency field Frédéric Auguste 4/3/17
HUE created roles assigned to users not recognized Abraham 3/30/17
HUE sentry error Abraham 3/30/17
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