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Disabling multiple editors in HUE 4 Karan Kumar 3:35 AM
Can I add multiply mysql configuration in in hue.ini databases section ?? 马马马 1:57 AM
Hue 4 - Missing Oozie Actions Tom Stewart 8/22/17
Support for rules Enrico 8/21/17
Unable to sync Ldap groups in cloudera hue Sathish kumar Venkatesan 8/16/17
How to reload SQL sources in the left panel? Cinyoung Hur 8/11/17
Error in SQL assist panel for Apache Tajo Cinyoung Hur 8/11/17
Does HUE support Python 2.7 version 8/10/17
HUE running really slow on CM 5.12 8/10/17
Hue 3.11 S3 Credentials Benjamin Kim 8/9/17
Does HUE notebook support auto-complete? qiang Feng 8/9/17
Does Hue 4.0 support SpqakSql? Zhang Ruiqiang 8/8/17
Oozie workflow error Cinyoung Hur 8/8/17
Spark notebook still developed Christian Grassi 8/3/17
How to disable HCatalog "Drop" Padmaja Jalleda 8/3/17
Can I download query result from Hue? Cinyoung Hur 8/2/17
Does HUE 3.9 support Python 2.7 version 8/2/17
Oozie with saved Hive query: custom parameters doesn't get passed Saul 8/2/17
Error([('SSL routines', 'SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE', 'certificate verify failed')], HUE 3.12 7/31/17
Add our company's custom nav to all views in Hue Veronica Moreno 7/24/17
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