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MY-SQL Upgrade and other issues Robert Urban 9:39 AM
Re: No databases are available. Permissions could be missing in hive query editor Romain Rigaux 6:10 AM
NoReverseMatch at /useradmin/users error while going to Hue manage users tab sashi 6:00 AM
Pre-build Version of Hue Aleks Rapoport 9/28/16
Is it possible to set cherrypy_server backlog larger ? Jiacai Liu 9/27/16
Configuring redshift in Cloudera Managed Hue. Sudev 9/27/16
Integrating S3 data in hue file browser Amrit Jangid 9/24/16
How to update Hue 3.10 to 3.11? Daren Tan 9/23/16
Hue error 'ApplicationAts' object has no attribute 'filter_tasks' when accessing to tez job logs from job browser Juan Manuel Nieto 9/23/16
Apache Sentry Policy Management API for Java in Kerberised Platform Amit Mula 9/22/16
UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 160-161: ordinal not in range(128) bruce 9/22/16
Trouble enabling impersonation for Impala connections from Hue Phil Rhodes 9/21/16
Hue 3.10 installation Bodepudi Prasanth 9/21/16
How can i customize or extend Hue's map rendering capability to add support for shape (Polygon etc) geometries ? Ajeet Singh 9/21/16
Data browser option in HUE Suresh Mohan 9/20/16
Hue-3.11 can't connect Hive-2.0.0 database qian 9/20/16
pig script not working - Paul Go 9/20/16
Fwd: parameter in a workflow name is not possible Tom 9/20/16
how to submit a jar file in notebook? penny 9/19/16
Can't establish Hue connection with S3 Yifan Wu 9/18/16
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