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adding a new app to Hue-4.1 3:30 AM
Getting trouble in middle of creation of a new app in Hue-4.1 3:26 AM
Security screens UI/UX 5/24/18
Question about Hue with Hiveserver2 in Kerberos security mode Praveen Mummasani 5/24/18
Push for Django 1.11 and removing Python 2.6 compatibility is coming today to master branch Romain Rigaux 5/22/18
display filebrowser in iframe Derek Toub 5/21/18
How to remove default filter from Job Browser? 5/17/18
Unable to build hue vrama 5/15/18
Jobbrowser locking Hue UI after kerberos Theyaa Matti 5/15/18
Hue 4.1 unresponsive after kerberos Theyaa Matti 5/15/18
Oozie Schedule import/export Raimondas Berniunas 5/14/18
Blog post: Improved job scheduling monitoring Romain Rigaux 5/11/18
Bundle's coordinators filename/directory incorrect Everton Thiago Portela 5/10/18
Livy impersonation when executing OS command from PySpark Raimondas Berniunas 5/10/18
Knowledge narendra bhupati 5/9/18
Hue fails with an error on . 5/9/18
Re: oozie and java action - problems with mere example usage Abraham Elmahrek 5/7/18
Unble to run Livy Server in Local Ubanutu Serer anji m 5/7/18
Simplifying the end user Data Catalog search Romain Rigaux 5/6/18
Identifying variable user name in HUE and pass it to transform function Maila Zorzan 5/2/18
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