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Sqoop error: Could not get jobs. CDH 5.3.2 - Hue 3.7.0 Ongun Demirler 2/27/15
Hue 3.7 & Sqoop 1.99.4 2/27/15
Hive restapi rockssk 2/27/15
cannot overwrite query Zhang, Jonathan 2/27/15
Send file through API with HUE donald fossouo 2/27/15
Hue tarball installation - Issue 2/26/15
Job submission using oozie web service Buntu Dev 2/26/15
HBase: NotServingRegionException: regionis not online Yibin Qian 2/26/15
Shell Script Fails when I try to populate dynamic oozie parameters Łukasz Włodarczyk 2/26/15
HUE Search App User Permission 2/26/15
hue assigns all jobs to the hadoop user 2/26/15
Hue hbase 0.94 install examples 2/26/15
HBase table cannot be created Yibin Qian 2/26/15
Use HUE how can I set a parameter for a hive script Zhengwei Cao 2/26/15
Display result of Spark Job in HUE Richard Grossman 2/25/15
Can't find "Actions" icon in Metastore Manager 2/25/15
Eclipse to export mapreduce jar file Yibin Qian 2/25/15
the same sqoop script under shell is right but use hue job designer throw java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't parse input data: '2015-02-09 aaa bbbb 12 345' Zhengwei Cao 2/25/15
Hbase Tables not showing 2/24/15
HUE Oozie workflow, Hive JDBC + Kerberos problem: "GSS initiate failed" Павел Савченко 2/24/15
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