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HUE 4.1 language setting problem Zhang Ruiqiang 2:22 AM
Hue 4.1 build error Anandha Loganathan 12/14/17
Using Anaconda with Pyspark notebooks Theyaa Matti 12/14/17
Parallel execution of hive queries on the Hive Editor Anandha Loganathan 12/14/17
how to change the hue to Chinese 马森 12/14/17
edit oozie workflow.xml created by Hue Nikos Mih 12/13/17
Blog: Using Hue to interact with Apache Kylin in your cluster or on AWS Romain Rigaux 12/13/17
[bug report]Hue UI:left_side_bar->SQL->SparkSql only show one "default" databse, nothing else zhen Wang 12/13/17
Hue to Hive authentication using logged in User Theyaa Matti 12/12/17
Spark connection with Hive in ozzie workflow from Hue Nikos Mih 12/12/17
Links to Spark job on "Properties" page are wrong Daniel Olsson 12/11/17
hue 4.1 can't select script hdfs with a workflow 12/7/17
Fwd: Browsing Impala Query Execution within the SQL Editor Jean-François Desjeans Gauthier 12/7/17
Re: Hue Error: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 2 from Romain Rigaux 12/6/17
Hue 4.1: Oozie disable actions Theyaa Matti 12/5/17
pseudo-distributed.ini or hue.ini Theyaa Matti 12/5/17
no such table: useradmin_userprofile Suvro Banerjee 12/5/17
Hue notebooks not found error Buntu Dev 12/5/17
Hue 4.1 - Spark Submit Python - can not run file - run button always inactive Theyaa Matti 12/5/17
Pam authentication do not consider access authentication verification through pam_access Theyaa Matti 12/5/17
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