Hue is the UI for making Apache Hadoop easier to use:

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How to pass "doas" for oozie job in Hue Raimondas Berniunas 5:25 AM
File download size Rams 10/17/17
Is there a document on creating a connector for any engine ? Zhang Ruiqiang 10/17/17
Need help understanding the log message. Ram konchada 10/16/17
hue 3.12 search screen results next page problem baris akgun 10/16/17
Hue is failing for some users after HDP 2.6 upgrade. Anandha Loganathan 10/12/17
Hue 4.1 is out! Romain Rigaux 10/10/17
Hue - app_blacklist minimum apps? Tom Stewart 10/9/17
pre-filtering in workflow dashboard with URL? Marc Belley 10/9/17
Hue 4.1 Workflow Search bipin reddy 10/9/17
SDK for User access management SURESH EDASSERI 9/30/17
Large entry with blob data was truncated when export the table as csv/xls format Patrick 9/29/17
Sqoop error: Could not get connectors. San 9/28/17
Changing Hue's URL Context Path 9/19/17
Debugging Hue Sync group on login Jordan Moore 9/19/17
What should be the Main Class for PySpark Jobs in OOzie ? Sachin P 9/18/17
Create hive table using demo gethue Geetha Suresh 9/17/17
Hue service start issue Hemant Jain 9/16/17
Hue metastore to postgresql prakash satya naga 9/14/17
Spark Notebook Actively Maintained and a Priority Xavier Morera 9/14/17
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