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This group is for the discussion of the development of the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) itself. This is the correct group for users who want to track the development progress of the CDK, discuss CDK features and roadmap, or to talk about contributions to the CDK.

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Trouble with readMultiLine Hugo 11/24/15
Failing Tests for Kite Data Core Module aguynamedryan 11/18/15
Kite schema upgrades Andrew Stevenson 11/18/15
Kite HBase Counter Buntu Dev 11/5/15
Flume failing to pick xml record processed by morphline interceptor trinath 10/29/15
illegal characters Adam 10/26/15
Kite 1.2.0 Planned Release Date? Micah Whitacre 10/23/15
How to pass "provided" value to partition strategy Mats Naslund 10/23/15
What connects Morphline to an SQL database? Alexandre Rafalovitch 10/20/15
Unknown dataset URI pattern : file Nitin Motgi 10/19/15
Is there a limit on column count for schemas? Adam 10/13/15
KiteSDK cli throwing 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded' when loading json data Sree Pratheep 10/12/15
Writes with old schema fail after dataset update Chris Hirstein 10/12/15
Registering Kite views with Hive Andrew Stevenson 10/9/15
Turn on cli debugging Andrew Stevenson 10/7/15
Accessing HBase dataset via Kite SDK vs native API Buntu Dev 10/6/15
HBase dataset access via Hive external table Buntu Dev 9/30/15
Avro records generated by Morphlines throws "Malformed data. Length is negative: -40" exception Buntu Dev 9/22/15
Kite-dataset copy on Sqoop'ed table Buntu Dev 9/17/15
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