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This group is for the discussion of the development of the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) itself. This is the correct group for users who want to track the development progress of the CDK, discuss CDK features and roadmap, or to talk about contributions to the CDK.

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Loading remote data set repositories Edward C. Skoviak 3/28/15
Replacing Partitions with Views Ryan Brush 3/27/15
Match string length in Morphlines grok Kamil Kantar 3/27/15
Hive DDL and schemas Ryan Blue 3/27/15
How to determine the "latest" partition added? Chris Hirstein 3/26/15
JSON to Avro, using subrecord is not working Bas 3/25/15
Schema Name and Compatibility Allan Shoup 3/24/15
Kite Dataset sink to handle updates Buntu Dev 3/20/15
Schema evolultion in HIVE dataset andrew stevenson 3/19/15
Regd CDK-883 - NPE when IP is not found Buntu Dev 3/17/15
update central Maven repo with Kite artifacts? Norbert Burger 3/17/15
Reading Hadoop sequence file Kamil Kantar 3/17/15
generate multiple records within a Command Norbert Burger 3/13/15
Removing Timebased partitions Micah Whitacre 3/13/15
Find all datasets in a namespace Micah Whitacre 3/12/15
Regarding Kite Views Buntu Dev 3/12/15
Schema requires uniqueID angel 3/12/15
Morphline failed to process record angel 3/12/15
Creating dataset backed by Hive changing database Buntu Dev 3/11/15
Partitioning generating tiny parquet files Chas Coppard 3/11/15
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