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This group is for the discussion of the development of the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) itself. This is the correct group for users who want to track the development progress of the CDK, discuss CDK features and roadmap, or to talk about contributions to the CDK.

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Field type UNION does not match partitioner IdentityFieldPartitioner wayne theron 9/28/16
kite-dataset flags option ClassNotFoundException Esteban Roncancio 9/26/16
Unable to pass the flags option Buntu Dev 9/26/16
Kite dataset writer - renaming of tmp files not happening Damian Smith 7/1/16
kite-data-hive can not support Kerberos successfully Bing 6/29/16
Trouble with s3a Charlie Tanksley 6/24/16
Morphline support for nested document support Anil Dasari 6/16/16
Third-party jars with Morphline java command Anil Dasari 6/16/16
Use of Morphline file to process XML data Aniruddh 6/7/16
I want to remove attachment_body and attachment_mime type field to not go to solr via Morphline ixit shah 6/2/16
Partitioning parquet files using Kite Java API Sunil Parmar 5/18/16
Write nested record using Kite API Sunil Parmar 5/18/16
Morphline failed to process record angel 4/25/16
Issues/questions regarding creating partition using identity Mats Naslund 4/25/16
Flume -> Solr Sink loadSolr Error attempting partial update: missing required field Joshua Ostrom 4/19/16 Unknown dataset URI pattern: Hariprasad Akkineni 4/15/16
Check that JARs for hive datasets are on the classpath (and they are) Dominik Hübner 4/14/16
Object Model vs Storage Format srinivasarao daruna 4/4/16
Is there a way to create parquet file from xml/json input file without .avsc file and without impala srinivasarao daruna 3/29/16
Kite Dataset json-import fails when importing data from HDFS Vishnu Ganth 3/17/16
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