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This group is for the discussion of the development of the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) itself. This is the correct group for users who want to track the development progress of the CDK, discuss CDK features and roadmap, or to talk about contributions to the CDK.

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CDK, Flume 1.4 and MorphlineInterceptor 7:26 AM
Why this regular expression in grok doesn't work? Frank Dai 5/26/15
kite, flume and non-avro sources Tim Williams 5/22/15
1.1.0 release timeline Ryan Blue 5/21/15
kite sink and setting hive.metastore.uris Tim Williams 5/21/15
Writes with old schema fail after dataset update Chris Hirstein 5/20/15
Pluggable FieldPartitioners Helmut Zechmann 5/19/15
Implementing RandomBatchAccessDataset to support batch operations in Kite Prasanna Rajaperumal 5/11/15
Re: Kite questions Ryan Blue 5/11/15
Kite dataset schema update fails when promoting int to float Buntu Dev 5/7/15
KiteSDK: Unexpected record ordering in a dataset Qian Xu 5/5/15
Impala "COMPUTE STATS" fails after Kite Dataset schema update Buntu Dev 5/4/15
Nested JSON using Morphlines Buntu Dev 5/4/15
Evenly distributing writes from Crunch pipeline Micah Whitacre 5/1/15
Invalid Sync when running Hive query against Avro file that is being append to Steve 5/1/15
kite-sdk make AVRO fields all nullable by default M. van Klingeren 4/29/15
Morphline failed to process record angel 4/27/15
Question about the Constraints.toEntityPredicate and Constraints.toKeyPredicate. RD SR 4/23/15
Parquet file naming question Mason Jones 4/23/15
Append an existing dataset with new data Julian 4/22/15
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