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This group is for the discussion of the development of the Cloudera Development Kit (CDK) itself. This is the correct group for users who want to track the development progress of the CDK, discuss CDK features and roadmap, or to talk about contributions to the CDK.

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Disabling crc file generation Micah Whitacre 10/9/17
Write to WASB (Azure Blob Storage) using kite-dataset Giovanni Lanzani 9/29/17
kite csv import wild card search *.csv ? sri hari kali charan Tummala 6/9/17
Can kite read gz compressed file to Parquet ? sri hari kali charan Tummala 6/8/17
KiteSDK Jira Spam Peter Szantai-Kis 5/9/17
Kites SDK Avijeet Dash 4/13/17
Access to Driver via MorphlinesContext Eric Pheatt 4/12/17
Kite 1.2.0 Planned Release Date? Micah Whitacre 3/24/17
viewfs in Dataset URI Kamrul Islam 3/20/17
[KITE-SDK] Out of date POM and/or unable to install due to kite-data-spark pom dependency Carlos Andrade 3/1/17
Load Transformed Morphline into File !! Sumit Singh 1/23/17
Exception in thread "main" Mkdirs failed to create /var/folders/pj/v9dbtvnd0sj0 S Roy 1/19/17
Morphlines usage D Campo 1/9/17
Kite Dataset json-import fails when importing data from HDFS Vishnu Ganth 12/7/16
I there any tool available to pipe data from HDFS to elastic search like CrunchIndexerTool ? Mahebub Sayyed 11/24/16
Support Swift? 李响 10/30/16
Batch write for DatasetWriter Manthosh Kumar T 10/5/16
How to add future dates using Morphlines SDK Swarup Rakshit 10/4/16
Field type UNION does not match partitioner IdentityFieldPartitioner wayne theron 9/28/16
kite-dataset flags option ClassNotFoundException Esteban Roncancio 9/26/16
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