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Carol Riter

Jul 1, 2022, 12:00:45 PM7/1/22
to ny-sepsis-ehr-discuss

We are reviewing our tableau reports and seeing several of the 3rd SIRS, specifically Heart Rate 3 being flagged with invalid date/time errors.  Many of our Heart Rate 3 times are the same as Heart Rate 2, however the values submitted for these are different-coming from different sources but occurring at the same time.  Ex.) Heart Rate 2, 101, Heart Rate 3, 99 both 5/21 at 13:00.  Heart Rate 2 from an EKG, Heart Rate 3, pleth.  Both at 13:00 seem to not count as 2 separate events, even though in our EMR they are.  We did not want to limit sources for fear we would be picking up values that were not truly the 1st, 2nd 3rd.  If audited with the duplicate times, we figured we could show two different sources.  If audited and we miss a time by eliminating a source, not sure how we can explain that. Also not sure we will be audited the way we used to be.   

We would like to rectify this without altering our program.  How did everyone get around this? Did you build your report to only include one source for each time vitals are checked?

Has anyone else seen this on their reports? I submitted a question to the help desk asking, Is there a reason that 2 values cannot have the same time?


Wetzold, Anne

Jul 19, 2022, 9:19:49 AM7/19/22
to Carol Riter, ny-sepsis-ehr-discuss

Hello Carol,

I realize you sent this a while ago, sorry I didn’t notice the new topic until now. We have the same situation with vital signs from different sources at the same time. Did you get a response from helpdesk? I did send this question to IPRO back at the beginning, regarding two temps at the same time of different sources with different values, and response was ‘if they are truly at the same time you can report either’ but duplicate date/times are not ok.


So, we eliminated pulling duplicates into the data file. How best to resolve them we continue to discuss internally (ex. does an A-line BP take precedence over a cuff BP? Or vice versa?) Or, do we go by value, i.e. pull the higher reading or lower reading? For now, for multiple measurements at the same time we prioritize by source – so, a standard temp (i.e. oral/rectal/axillary/temporal) takes precedence over something like a ‘bladder’ or ‘internal body’ temp. It required programming changes and will continue to do so if the rules change.


I share your concern about audits! Please let us know if you received an answer from the Helpdesk.

Thank you,





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