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Dec 15, 2021, 2:00:18 PM12/15/21

Hello all,


The NYSDOH is seeking additional information from the group regarding the data collected for our sepsis initiative. We greatly appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


  1. In the current Sepsis/COVID-19 data dictionary, there are three Outcome (at discharge) Variables that are defined by Z-codes:
    1. Dialysis outcome [Z992-dependence on renal dialysis]
    2. Mechanical ventilation outcome [Z9911-Dependence on vent status]
    3. Tracheostomy at discharge [Z930-tracheostomy status]


The intent of these variables is to capture the patient population that was discharged on dialysis, mechanical ventilation, and/or with a tracheostomy.



  • Do these Z-codes adequately and accurately identify the relevant population?
  • If not, please describe why these codes do not identify the population, and indicate if there is an alternative way to identify these populations through electronic data abstraction.


  1. In the current Sepsis/COVID-19 data dictionary, the Dialysis Treatment Variable is defined by the following ICD-10-PCS codes:





Performance of Urinary Filtration, <6 hrs/day


Performance of Urinary Filtration, 6-18 hrs/day


Performance of Urinary Filtration, >18 hrs/day


Peritoneal Dialysis



The intent of this variable is to capture any patient who was dialyzed during the hospital stay.



  • Do these ICD-10-PCS codes adequately and accurately identify this population?
  • Should revenue codes be added to the definition of this variable, so that hospitals also have the opportunity to identify patients who received dialysis during the inpatient stay? The Revenue Codes being considered are 0800-0809:


Best Regards,

The Sepsis Team



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