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Stardog/JVM resources Ron Michael Zettlemoyer 5/22/12 7:34 PM
I have Stardog running in a dedicated, large Amazon AWS Linux instance with 7.5GB of RAM.  Is there anything I can do to optimize it so that it uses (almost) all the available memory and CPU?

I'm not really a Linux or Java person but I think the stardog CLI starts the server and sets the JVM to an initial and max memory allocation of 2GB of RAM?  (STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS="-Xmx2g -Xms2g")  If I were to set STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS before starting the server myself (eg EXPORT STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS="-Xmx6g -Xms6g") does that work?  Is there anything else I can do?

Re: [stardog] Stardog/JVM resources Michael Grove 5/23/12 4:14 AM
No, that is sufficient.  It does start with 2G allocated to the JVM.
It can work with less, but that's about the minimum to be useful for
larger datasets.  You can certainly up it and Stardog will utilize the
memory the best it can when its under load.

I've done some BSBM tests on the 2XL EC2 instance and was getting
several hundred percent CPU utilization according to top; Stardog will
use what's there.  There's nothing you can do to force it to use more,
but if you provide more memory either w/ STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS or just
editing the script, and its the only thing running on the box, or
close to it, Stardog will use most of that system when its under load.

I've gotten good mileage in testing with the larger instances and
attached EBS volumes for storage, I think you'll be pretty happy with
the setup.



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Re: [stardog] Stardog/JVM resources Ron Michael Zettlemoyer 5/23/12 4:34 AM
Thanks Mike.  I am using a large instance with EBS and I am happy with the performance.  Since it's the only thing on the box I just wanted to make sure it took advantage of all the resources.