Re-indexing showcases fails on CKAN 2.9

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Stefanie Taepke

Oct 28, 2021, 12:05:52 PM10/28/21
Hey there,

sorry if you have already seen this as issue at ckanext-showcase ( but we are still a little lost in debugging this.

We are migrating an existing CKAN-Instance from CKAN 2.8 to CKAN 2.9 which works great in general. Except that we can not re-index the showcases. We have hardly anything custom regarding showcases and it is quite hard to debug this as the error message is pretty cryptic to me.

No object (name: tmpl_context or C) has been registered for this thread
If you have any hints on how to debug this or what could possibly be wrong here, we would highly appreciate any ideas. Though we are thinking of other ways to migrate the showcases but as showcase is a pretty simple type I can’t put my finger on it where the issue could be as ckanext-showcase is said to be CKAN 2.9 compatible.

Thank you for any advice,

Alex Gartner

Oct 28, 2021, 4:59:27 PM10/28/21
to Stefanie Taepke, CKAN Development Discussions

First of all, did you upgrade the ckanext-showcase as well (to a version that supports CKAN 2.9 / Python 3 ) ?
How do you know that the error comes from reindexing showcases and not "normal" datasets ?
Do you have anything custom related to the packge_show() action ? Any Interface implementation in of IPackageController or IResourceController that uses c (tmpl_context) ?

More info might be helpful,

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Stefanie Taepke

Nov 2, 2021, 8:50:46 AM11/2/21
to Alex Gartner, CKAN Development Discussions
Hey Alex,

thank you so much for your advice! 

Yes, we have the latest release of ckanext-showcase, namely the version 1.4.4. We use this Version together with CKAN 2.9.4.

We know that it fails on the showcases because rebuilding the index on regular packages (datasets) is working and stops as soon as the process reaches a showcase. If we delete the affected showcase and re-run rebuilding the index, it stops on the next showcase.

We are checking anything that is custom to see if anything is interfering with the default behaviour of ckanext-showcase at the moment. It is a little strange to me that it is possible to re-index showcases that we create on the new version, but none of the showcases that we import via db-dump. And even though the base-type of showcase and dataset is the same, the indexing only fails for our showcases.

If you have any other ideas, kindly let us know. Will post any updates, that we find, as well.

Thank you,
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