CKAN Monthly Newsletter, January 2023 issue

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Alex Gostev

Feb 1, 2023, 8:54:35 AMFeb 1
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Monthly Newsletter

January 2023 issue

Hi, everybody. You’re reading a monthly newsletter. It’s the first one in this iteration, so it should evolve month by month. The idea of this newsletter is to provide a summary of what happened in CKAN world this month. I’m asking you to share any info you have around CKAN so it can be published next month.

2022 is over and it’s the right time to reflect on it with this nice summary by Yoana Popova:


Extensions updates

GitHub pulse

More information here:

Contributors to the CKAN core 

  • Sergey Motornyuk

  • Adria Mercader

  • Anuar Ustayev

  • Shashi Gharti

  • Jesse Vickery

  • Eric Soroos

  • Anuar Ustayev

  • Gaurav Pandey

  • Sam

  • Patricio Del Boca

  • Konstantin Sivakov

  • Fuhu Xia

  • Brett Jones

  • Rukshan Ranatunge

  • Rabia Sajjad

  • Ian Ward


  • Hiring of a developer for CKAN 3.0 team is progressing. First interviews are scheduled. Thanks to Anuar Ustayev for pushing it.

  • Chatbot started working on The first week brought in 5 conversations - 1 commercial lead, 2 questions from developers and 2 general inquiries.

  • FAQ page added to, it’s yet to be filled. Shout out to Yoana Popova and for filling out first 20 questions. The page is delivered by Aleksey Morev.

  • Phase 1 of National Science Foundation CKAN POSE project kicked off, led by principal investigators Bob Gradeck and Nora Mattern from the University of Pittsburgh, supported by datHere. Phase 1 is a research phase where CKAN is shortlisted with other open-source projects “of national and societal importance.”
    A series of ecosystem discovery workshops will be conducted in the next few months with  different communities of practice of the CKAN ecosystem (e.g. data portal operators, system integrators, contributors, data publishers, data journalists, data scientists, etc.) and the Team is compiling “Questions you’d like to ask about CKAN.”  Please feel free to add your questions to the list!
    This is all being done in preparation for a Phase 2 proposal that could provide $1.5 million to support and scale-up the CKAN ecosystem.
    If you’re interested in participating in these workshops, a schedule and sign-up form will be available and shared on in the next few weeks.
    If you want to contact the team - their email is

  • CKAN monthly live in January was about Datapusher+. Kudos to for talking through what Datapusher+ is and to Yoana Popova for organising the event.

Thank you for reading. If you have anything to share, please write me to so I can accumulate information before the new issue.

1 question for you

If you don’t mind hitting a reply button and sharing your open data info sources with me: It should be helpful for everybody here to gather valuable sources of info regarding open data:

  • What are your info sources for open data, where you discover open data peers, news, portals, if you could suggest the best sources in your region as well?


  • You’re welcome to ask tech questions in Gitter chat, it’s active daily. GitHub discussions work great for tech discussions as well.

  • Brett Jones is there to support you with the infrastructure setup: CKAN Docker (instals/issues), other CKAN (non-Docker) install issues, version (Python, dependencies, infrastructure) queries.

  • If you would like to contribute to the CKAN core, you can contact and join CKAN core development team calls that happen twice a week.

  • Stay connected with CKAN via Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and join our LinkedIn Group. We also communicate regularly via blog.

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