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Mar 17, 2022, 2:05:00 PM3/17/22
Please find attached a response from Wolfgang Lutz in the subject of measuring wellbeing.
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Mar 18, 2022, 10:12:06 AM3/18/22
to Pern Manager,
Thanks to Wolfgang for arranging this seminar and for the last contribution.

Overall, I think that the YoGL is a good idea and an appropriate measure of wellbeing.  GDP per capita is used not just because its a single number, but also because it is easy to measure and it is a traditional measure that states have competence and capacity for estimating.

I agree with Wolfgang that YoGl provides an alternative single number that could replace GDP per capita. It has the advantage that its a better measure of wellbeing as well.

However, YoGL may not be adopted if it is not relatively easy to measure. Are its components easily available, are they relatively straightforward to measure or access? What would be the cost to a government to "switch over" to measuring YoGL in terms of technical capacity and human resources (how would a small government or one in a developing country take on another task).

The Human resource question would be particularly relevant to countries in special development situations or countries in which expertise is in short supply.


David C. Smith,
Director, Centre for Environmental Management,
Coordinator, Institute for Sustainable Development
The University of the West Indies

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Please find attached a response from Wolfgang Lutz in the subject of measuring wellbeing.

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