DIR_METADATA migration completed.

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Normando Rosas

Dec 17, 2020, 11:45:12 AM12/17/20
to chops-source-team

Bcc: committers, chromium-dev, infra- announce


TL;DR: DIR_METADATA migration has been completed. 

 Hello Chromium committers,


DIR_METADATA migration has been completed for chromium/src repository (Rollout document). New DIR_METADATA files have been created which now contain metadata that was previously stored as comments within the OWNERS files. DIR_METADATA files use instead a well defined proto schema that allows tooling to more easily use this information, improves maintainability, and opens up the possibility to import and inherit from other files.  This migration separates the concepts of ownership and code review from other code attributes, allowing OWNERS files to focus on ownership and code review specific data. It also brings us a step closer to taking advantage of native OWNERS support in Gerrit in the future. 


We want to thank all people who contributed to this migration: Tools owners for making your tools support both formats during migration,  CL reviewers checking the large volume of changes, and no...@chromium.org for implementing a library providing common functionality such as dual-reads (DIR_METADATA and OWNERS files), parsing and inheritance. Finally, you should start using DIR_METADATA files to store metadata such as: OS, component, or team email (see proto definition for full list); a presubmit check has been implemented so that this kind of metadata can no longer be added into OWNERS files. If you run into any issues or have questions about these changes, let us know by  replying to this email or at chops-so...@google.com

Thank you,

Edward Lesmes and Norman Rosas on behalf of the Chrome Operations team.

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