PRESUBMIT checks’ non-inclusive parameters have been removed

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'Josip Sokcevic' via infra-announce

Feb 1, 2021, 4:35:19 PMFeb 1

tl;dr As of today, February 1st 2021, PRESUBMIT checks’ non-inclusive parameters have been removed in favor of more inclusive ones.

Hi all,

As previously shared, the Chrome Operations Source team has removed the non-inclusive parameters in our presubmit API in favor of more inclusively named parameters. Warnings were being issued when the deprecated non-inclusive parameters were still being used since November last year. Additionally, we proactively used Code Search to identify pending clients to migrate and did the changes ourselves.

As a reminder here is the overview of relevant changes (diff input_api, diff canned_checks):

Changes in constant names



Changes in named parameters

input_api.FilterSourceFile, white_list -> files_to_check, black_list -> files_to_skip

input_api.canned_checks.GetUnitTestsInDirectory, whitelist -> files_to_check, blacklist -> files_to_skip

input_api.canned_checks.GetUnitTestsRecursively, whitelist -> files_to_check, blacklist -> files_to_skip

input_api.canned_checks.GetPylint, white_list -> files_to_check, black_list -> files_to_skip

- Josip and Normando on behalf of the Chops Source team

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