Main branch for all repositories hosted on chromium-review and chrome-internal except for 3p repos.

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Normando Rosas

Apr 9, 2021, 3:27:12 PMApr 9


tl;dr The Chops Source team will move forward with the master to main branch migration for all repositories hosted on chromium-review and chrome-internal (except for 3p repos) during April.

Hello Chromium community,

Now that the main branch has been created successfully for the infra/infra and chromium/src repos the Chops Source team will proceed to create the main branch as well for all the repositories hosted on chromium-review and chrome-internal (except for 3p repos). This will happen during the month of April. The team has implemented an automated process that allows us to migrate several repositories a day, within this tracker you can find the list of repos being migrated, and we will be updating the tracker (column “Needs migration”) everytime  the new main branch is created for a repo. You can refer to this tracker to stay up to date with how migration is going for these repos. Please note that during all this time you can continue to interact as usual with these repos if you rely on depot_tools. Branch migration work will happen in a seamless manner to depot_tools users. You can migrate your local workspace using git migrate-default-branch

Should you have questions or  find any issues during the migration  you can contact us submitting a bug here or at


To learn more about how this migration is being done,  you can refer to the Design doc.

Regards, Gavin, Josip  and Norman on behalf of the ChOps Source team.

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