texSubImage2D optimisation for cube maps

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Rik Cabanier

Jun 27, 2022, 2:00:50 PMJun 27
to Graphics-dev

I'm seeing some strange behavior where 6 calls to `texSubImage2D` with an image for each cubemap side are coalesced into a single `texSubImage2D` call.
Does anyone know where in the chromium stack this is happening?

This code is not executing correctly in our product and I'm trying to investigate why.

Zhenyao Mo

Jun 27, 2022, 8:22:17 PMJun 27
to Rik Cabanier, Graphics-dev
AFAIK: there is no GL API to upload images to all six cubemap sides in
one GL call. So I don't think such optimization exists in Chrome.

Why do you think this is what happens in Chrome?

Rik Cabanier

Jun 28, 2022, 1:41:53 AMJun 28
to Zhenyao Mo, Graphics-dev
I put a debug statement in GLES2Implementation::TexSubImage2D and it is called only once with a texture that includes all sides.

Rik Cabanier

Jun 28, 2022, 4:16:54 AMJun 28
to Zhenyao Mo, Graphics-dev
Never mind! I was looking at the wrong code :-)
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