Upcoming Log Removal: PuChuangSiDa

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Ryan Sleevi

May 25, 2017, 1:27:15 PM5/25/17
to ct-p...@chromium.org

As part of our ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the Certificate Transparency logs included in Chrome, we have determined that the PuChuangSiDa Log, https://www.certificatetransparency.cn/ct/, has failed to uphold the uptime requirements.

Because of this, the PuChuangSiDa Log will no longer be a qualified log, effective 8 June 2017. In a unique situation, only two publicly trusted certificates have been logged in this log - https://crt.sh/?id=18068178 and https://crt.sh/?id=48314025 - neither of which contains embedded SCTs. For this reason, and due to the nature of these certificates, we do not believe there will be any negative effect to Chrome users to remove this log entirely, thus treating it as untrusted, as if it had never qualified.

What does this mean for site operators

As no site operator presently has a publicly trusted certificate that relies on the PuChuangSiDa log, this will require no action.

What does this mean for CAs

As the PuChuangSiDa log has been inoperable since 2017-05-12, this will have no impact on CA operations. CAs should no longer submit certificates to PuChuangSiDa, as they will not be counted as qualified. Given that this log has remained offline, this should not cause any disruption.

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