Quick Extender Pro Review(4 Packages) and Customer Results(1 year)

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Quick Extender Pro Review: User Features, Packages, and Results(FULL GUIDE)

This is the most detailed Quick Extender Pro user review: how does it work, what’s included in the packages, and what results to expect? User FAQ, tips, and facts

Quick Extender Pro is the most technologically advanced and modern penis enlargement and straightening device. The penis extender uses DSS technology( Double Strap Support ) to hold the penis head in the system using two silicone loops.

This helps to keep the original settings of the device and prevents the penis from slipping out of it. This is a common problem with penis extenders of this type, which Quick Extender Pro solved.

You can expect great results with this penis extender simply because it is the most capable penis traction device on the market. You can easily personalize your choice of Quick Extender Pro by purchasing one of the 4 packages.

Packages review:
  1. Value Edition - the set includes basic accessories such as comfort pads, silicone tubes, and tension springs, with several additional bars(large, medium, small). Suitable for those who just want to try the device for a couple of months. The low price of $119 makes the purchase as comfortable as possible on the budget

  2. Deluxe Standard Edition is a package with reinforced springs 3500 gr, a more significant set of accessories: more bars of different lengths, silicone tubes, comfort pads

  3. Deluxe Limited Edition is the largest Quick Extender Pro package with many necessary accessories. It contains a lot of silicone tubes and rods of different lengths(small, extra small, medium, and large), and springs up to 4000 gr. This is the only package that includes Memory Comfort pads.

    These are very comfortable foam pads for silicone tubes. They are breathable, conform to the shape of the penis while being worn, and are completely protected from bacterial infection.

    In addition, the package also includes a Penis pump to get a quick erection. It is useful to use penis pumping and Jelqing exercises to improve results and quickly restore blood flow to the penis after wearing an extender.

  4. Peyronies and Curvature is a package for those who want to straighten their penis. The package includes Memory Foam Pads and springs 4000 gr. This rigidity is necessary to straighten the penis. If you aim to straighten your penis with a penis extender, this package is the best choice.

Quick Facts
  • Unique features: DSS system, accessories for comfort and effectiveness

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • Worldwide shipping: Free

  • Money back: 6 months

  • Support: Yes

  • Discount: Use code “DEALDAY” to get 20% OFF

  • Manufacturer: InnovaTech(USA)

  • Official site: quickextenderpro.com

How to use Quick Extender Pro?

You need to assemble the device according to your user size. This size is calculated as follows - you must measure the size of your penis in an erect state and subtract 4 cm from it - this will be your user size.

Assembling the device step by step
  1. Initially, the device is already assembled. You only need to wind additional bars according to your user size. You’ll have all the necessary bars in the kit

  2. Next, you must put Comfort pads or Memory Comfort Pads into the silicone tubes with only the Deluxe package Limited edition.

  3. You can use one or two silicone tubes

How to put on and use the device
  1. Insert the penis into the base ring

  2. Compress the springs and slide the head of the penis through one or two rings of silicone loops

  3. Secure the penis, and you can release the springs. After this - decompression will occur

  4. On the bars below, there will be 3 strips showing the tension level. If all three are visible - the tension level is zero. If 1 -, then this is already a load of 600 gr. It all depends on the springs you use(3000, 3500 or 4000 gr)

  5. Next, you need to adhere to the program of using the device - the period of adaptation and active use. You can watch my video with the routine at this link

  6. The device is very light, made of ultra-light medical-grade materials. It does not hurt to wear it, but you need to take a break every hour and remove the penis from the device, massage it, and get some rest before you put it on again

  7. Quick Extender Pro should be worn at least 3 hours a day for 6-12 months

  8. You need to increase the tension every week or two with additional 0.5 cm bars.

  9. Also, you can always adjust the tension by unscrewing the screws. This helps to increase or decrease the load more precisely.

Benefits Quick Extender Pro in front of other devices

Top-end devices are on the market today, as well as various Chinese ones, including fakes. If we compare Quick Extender Pro with similar penis extenders, it wins in almost everything.

First, due to the double system of fixing the head of the penis and the number of accessories for fine-tuning the length and comfortable use.

Compared to vacuum devices such as Penimaster PRO and Phallosan Forte, this penis extender has a classic rigid design for stretching the penis, where the head of the penis is held in a special support piece. This method is considered more effective for obtaining quick results.

Quick Extender Pro official site(use code DEALDAY to save 20%)

10 Benefits of Buying Quick Extender Pro instead of Others:
  1. Low price on the market

  2. The highest quality penis extender

  3. All materials are medical

  4. Super lightweight device. At the same time, aluminum rods are very reliable. It is easy to carry due to its low weight and size.

  5. A huge number of accessories in the maximum package

  6. There is no problem of penis slipping, and no need to use various powders or accessories to keep the penis in the system. This helps to keep the original settings and achieve fast results.

  7. Using Quick Extender Pro is effective for most men to a greater or lesser extent

  8. The device is suitable for any penis size - any width or thickness, as well as curvature

  9. Valid money-back guarantee

  10. There are 4 available for online purchase Quick Extender Pro packages - you can always fit into the available budget and choose the content of the package that best suits you

Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying an Extender
  • Is it really safe to use?

The device is of the highest quality and thoughtful. You need to follow the instructions, never wear the device through pain, control the settings, and pay attention to the condition of your penis

Proper use of the device is precisely setting the length of the extender following the user size, precisely working with the device according to the instructions, and preventing pain. 

You should feel the tension and increase it over time, but in no case should you wear Quick Extender Pro for too long without a break

  • Can I sleep with this device?

No, this is not recommended, as with any other rod penis extender. The only exception is Phallosan Forte and Penimaster PRO through the use of a vacuum chamber and a tension belt in these devices.

  • When will I see the first results, and what will be the final ones?

Everything is very individual, but as a rule, the first results in changing the size of the penis or its straightening are noticeable after 30-60 days. 

At the same time, maximum results can be achieved in half a year and in 8-12 months. It all depends on your routine and physiological characteristics. Each man has his limit of penis growth. It will be clear when the results stop for a long time.

  • If I want to straighten my penis, does it also get bigger?

Yes, it's a double effect. As a rule, the curvature of the penis is also associated with a decrease in erection size. Using Quick Extender Pro regularly, you can significantly correct the curvature of the penis and increase the length and width of the penis.

  • How to improve your results with Quick Extender Pro?

  1. Use Jelqing - these exercises will significantly improve the speed of getting results

  2. Use a penis pump - it's best to buy a Hydromax pump, but if you buy the maximum package from Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition - it will have a free penis pump that can be used regularly for 10-15 minutes a day

  3. Try to use the penis extender regularly, and don't skip days. Remember - you need to use it daily for at least 2-3 hours, the longer, the better, but the duration should be increased only over time

  4. It is also recommended to take supplements such as VigRx Plus - they increase the quality of the erection, and this improves your results from stretching the penis

Purchasing a Quick Extender Pro Device

The best place to buy the device is the official website. You can choose a package at the best price and get a 20% discount using code “DEALDAY”. 

See details at this link. Delivery is possible to any country in the world. The box itself will arrive without any markings. In the package, you will find everything stated on the site.

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