Phallosan Forte(PLUS) User Review with Tips/Tricks and Results

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What is Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte, for many men today, is the most efficient and effective penis enlargement and straightening device. It is really very comfortable, efficient and safe. 90% of men are completely satisfied with it.


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Many similar one-to-one penis extenders are on the market today, all of which use the classic penis stretch model. This design has rods, tension screws, and a special platform for attaching the head of the penis using a silicone tube or strap.

Phallosan Forte has developed its own technology using vacuum adhesion, the head of the penis is held in a special vacuum chamber, and an elastic belt carries out the tension.

This approach to using dynamic traction that you can control with Tension Clip and scale indication gives fantastic results without discomfort.

That's right - stretching the penis with a classic extender is associated with:

  • With pain when worn for a long time

  • With pain when the traction force is set incorrectly

  • With discomfort while wearing because the silicone tube or strap rubs the head of the penis when walking

  • With side effects after use, such as deterioration in erectile abilities, various hematomas on the head of the penis, ruptures of capillaries, and so on

When men say, they are ready for anything, just not to have an operation - they start using classic penis stretching devices, forgetting that it is very dangerous to work with them.

There are special training videos you need to learn thoroughly to use these devices without harming the penis. This is possible, but since all men are different, you have to experiment and try, which often causes discomfort, and you can injure the penis.

Phallosan Forte is a one-stop solution when choosing the best penis extender for penis enlargement or straightening.

Even though Phallosan Forte appeared on the market many years ago, this technology is new for many men, although it has already shown its effectiveness.

Hundreds of thousands of men worldwide have tried Phallosan Forte and succeeded. Here is a table with the results of some users.

Phallosan Forte Features


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This is a medical device developed by the German company Aswiss. Anna has passed all medical checks and clinical studies and is certified for sale worldwide.

User opinion:

From myself, there are only 2 such devices on the market, both made in Germany. Today it is Phallosan Forte, and its new development Phallosan Forte Plus is the best on the market.

Vacuum adhesion technology is very gentle for those who want to enlarge or straighten the penis. At the same time, Phallosan Forte can provide 4000g of traction with the tension belt.

Tension Clip is Phallosan's own development. There are 3 levels - green, yellow and red. I use the tension at the yellow level and am completely satisfied with the level of traction.

What does Phallosan Forte do :

  • Helps stretch the penis up to 2.5 inches long and up to 1 inch wide

  • improves erection

  • Straightens the penis

  • Restores erectile abilities

  • Enhances erection

How Phallosan Forte works


Despite its more modern design, the essence of the penis method traction does not change and is fully supported by this extender. The technique itself works as follows: a constant thrust that is applied to the tissues of the penis affects them.

The tissues are stretched, forming microcracks that are filled with new cells - scar tissue. The process of cell division itself is natural, and micro-ruptures are safe for the health of the skin and penis. So soft traction is just what is needed for the effectiveness of this process.

Men who try to use too high a level of traction or use it for too long interfere with the natural process of cell division and tissue growth. This leads to unwanted side effects and is a useless process in terms of tissue stretching.

That is why it is so important to follow the instructions and use devices that allow you to visually assess the level of traction, such as Phallosan Forte.

In general, penis tissue growth begins 30-60 days after using the extender. Maximum growth can take up to 12 months of using the device, approximately 3-8 hours a day.

For each man, the period of wearing the device can be different, and at the same time, the effectiveness can also be different.

Let's take a closer look at the effect of using an extender.

Penis enlargement


So Phallosan Forte allows you to increase the length and width of the penis gradually. Due to the dynamic constant load, which can be used even at night, cell division and stretching of the tissues of the penis occurs.

Penis growth occurs both in a relaxed and an erect state.

As a rule, it is enough to wear an extender 3-4 hours a day to systematically achieve penis growth in length and width.

The maximum result is visible after 7-8 months of regular use.

Penis straightening

Peyronies disease and curvature of the penis can be corrected with Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Pus.

As a rule, we are talking about a non-genetic curvature of the penis, which can only be dealt with by the surgical method.

Men can correct the curvature of the penis, which does not reach 30%. In any case, before using the extender, it is better to consult your doctor.

It should be noted that many doctors recommend using the Phallosan extender Forte. The full list can be viewed on the website.

Phallosan Forte Extender Efficiency

All the men on the forums are interested in the results of using Phallosan Forte. At the same time, users actively talk about their successes with this extender.

One of the most popular threads on extender forums is called Phallosan Forte user Gains Table.

In it, dozens of men shared their results, which the forum administrators later entered into the table. These are the results that you can really trust, as they were published by users like you.

And on the forums, Phallosan Forte is the most talked about penis enlargement and straightening device.

As for penis straightening, there are special forums on this topic where Phallosan Forte appears as one of the most efficient devices.

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What is the secret of the Phallosan Forte?

The main secret of the efficiency and comfort of this device is the technology that the developer of the device patented. Phallosan Forte also offers its App to track your progress and plan your routine.


To use the device, you just need to place the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber ( BELL ) of the appropriate size and then adjust the tension with a belt and pull it through the belt, fixing it on the device.

The belt itself is elastic and pleasant to the body. All materials used in the medical extender are hypoallergenic and safe for men with skin allergies.

Also, the device can be bought and used without visiting doctors and their recommendations. And all because the use of Phallosan Forte is safe and versatile.

The device is suitable for all men; they can use the penis stretching technique just as they come to the gym and use the machines.

Unlike classic extenders, where the head of the penis is fixed on a special platform and held in it by fastening the penis with a silicone tube or strap, there is no effect of rubbing the penis in the places where it is held in the device.

Hence, there are no side effects associated with it.

Using classic extenders such as SizeGenetics, you risk catching a bacterial infection because the device is worn with the head of the penis open.

This is a very sensitive part of the body, so any movement - walking or changing body position - causes friction and discomfort.

Phallosan Forte holds the head of the penis in a special membrane ( Protector cap ).

Your penis is placed in the vacuum chamber, and with a few clicks on the mini pump, the vacuum immediately holds the head of the penis tightly and safely in it so that you can easily stretch it without fear that it will slip out.

The membranes and condoms are included, so you can always replace those that break, as they are very delicate.

Phallosan Forte Plus


It is worth talking about the additional prefix from Phallosan Forte, which was launched just a couple of years ago, is Phallosan Forte Plus.

This is a rigid structure with rods, tension screws and a base that attaches to the Phallosan Forte vacuum chamber( BELL ).

The principle of its operation is the same as that of classic rod extenders. In doing so, you can use static traction to stretch the penis. It can be combined using the original Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus.

The change in load type and the extra pull available with the new addition give faster results and make your routine more varied.

Buy Phallosan Forte Plus

What else helps in penis enlargement?

It is worth noting that the use of additional methods of penis enlargement, such as penis pumping and Jelqing, greatly enhance the effectiveness of your penis enlargement or straightening routine.

Penis pumping can be used for only 15 minutes a day, Jelqing at the same time and not every day. At the same time, penis growth can be more significant and faster.

Changing the type of load has a positive effect on all the results you get with Phallosan Forte.

How use Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus

  1. To use the device, first unpack it

  2. In the kit, you will have everything you need - tension clip, BELL 3 sizes, ruler to choose the right one, spare foam ring, sleeves, protector caps, vacuum pump

  3. Assemble the device according to the instructions

  4. Put on a Protector cap on the head of the penis

  5. Pass the penis through the foam ring, which will be fixed at the base of the penis

  6. Slip her into the right size BELL

  7. Drop the sleeve down towards the base of the penis

  8. turn valve on the vacuum pump to create a vacuum

  9. Now press the pump several times with your finger, and the vacuum will immediately be activated

  10. Next, attach the belt using the special holes on the BELL and the elastic tension belt wrapping it around the waist

  11. Adjust the tension level by adjusting the tension on the belt. Follow the indication on the tension clip - green, yellow, and red stripes. You need to start with green - as this is the least tension. You will need to increase it gradually when you feel it is subsiding.

  12. You can wear the extender under your clothes, and choose the direction of the penis to the left or right. This may be important if you want to correct penis curvature.

How to use Phallosan Forte Plus


  1. Open the package with Phallosan Forte Plus

  2. Next, you need to measure your User size as instructed. This is done based on the initial length of the barbell and the length of your erect penis.

  3. Next, screw on the additional rods in accordance with your user size

  4. Attach the Bell to the Rod Structure

  5. Attach the Pump to the Bell

  6. Insert your penis through the base of the extender

  7. Compress the springs and secure the penis in the BELL by first closing the pump valve and creating a vacuum in the BELL

  8. Then you can gently release the springs, and you will feel the tension

How to remove the Phallosan Forte device?

To remove both devices, it is enough to turn the pump valve so that the vacuum is released and carefully remove the penis from the structure.

When you feel discomfort, removing the extender immediately and taking a break is recommended. You can also massage your penis to get blood flowing to it.

Cheap Penis Extenders vs. Phallosan Forte


Phallosan Forte's price is $379, the PLUS version - another $150. Well, a package of 2 devices costs $500.

Many men refuse to buy such an expensive device and buy something cheaper. There are extenders for $100. You can buy even cheaper on Aliexpress.

But I don't really understand these guys.

  • We're talking about buying a medical device you put on your penis.

  • We are discussing that this device must be safe and effective.

  • This device must be of the highest quality.

  • It must have medical quality certificates

  • Real doctors must recommend the device

  • Many trusted devices have clinical research results on their website

  • Forums and review sites should have a lot of posts from real users

Technology - Quality - Design - Accessories - Clinical research and much more.

All this forms an opinion about what a worthy device is so that it is worth buying.
It is such a device that meets all the criteria of Phllosan Forte.

User Reviews

They are available on several of the most famous forums. In general, forums are the only source of reliable information about extenders.

The first extender was developed more than 20 years ago, and at the same time, ordinary users began to discuss them on the forums.

Today is 2023, and the forums are still filled with thousands of anonymous user messages with questions, feedback, and user recommendations.

In this article, I will give examples of such messages about Phallosan Forte.

The main reasons to buy Phallosan Forte
  • Trusted product

Many reviews, impeccable reputation, real results, official clinical studies, German quality, hundreds of thousands of customers

  • Medical grade

On the Phallosan Forte website you will find all public information about clinical trials, testimonials, recommendations from doctors, publications in medical journals, and certificates. All materials are made in Europe, European assembly. Completely hypoallergenic materials

  • Comfort

This is probably the most comfortable extender on the market. The main problem of classic extenders in the penis constantly falling out of the design, misplaced settings and unpleasant sensations from squeezing the head of the penis is completely solved by the Phallosan Forte device

  • Real penis growth or straightening

After reading the reviews and results of users, you will understand that this device can be very effective.

At the same time, many men are not satisfied with the original version of Phallosan Forte, so many people use the PLUS version and like it better.

If we divide Phallosan users Forte into those who use the basic version of the extender with the new prefix, the result will be stable for most men.

  • No side effects

This is the safest extender on the market, which means it has no side effects. Some users on the forums write that they are uncomfortable wearing the device for a long time.

At the same time, there are no negative critical reviews about Phallosan Forte you won't find

Buy Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Forte Plus at the official site

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