Bathmate Hydromax User Review: Does it Work? True Benefits/Results

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What is Bathmate Hydromax, and why everybody talks about it? Learn the technology, top features, and results. How to use it to get bigger and improve your male sexual performance

Bathmate Hydromax is the best penis pump on the market in terms of price, quality, and technology. Hydro pumping is the best way to increase erection safely. Penis pumps have never been so effective and comfortable.

Forget about air penis pumps. Their efficiency is incomparable to hydro pumps.

How Bathmate Works

Bathmate creates a vacuum that expands the tissues of the penis. The water in the tube is an excellent conductor of vacuum, while it is evenly distributed along the entire length of the penis and helps tissues that stretch to heal faster after pumping.

Usually, when using air pumps, penis tissue torn under a vacuum does not heal well. They are also severely injured when using direct contact between the vacuum and the mucous head of the penis. 

At the same time, the gel or supplement only helps a little in solving this issue.

Bathmate Hydromax, due to its effective hydro-pumping technology, makes it possible to use the vacuum force sufficiently to increase erection without injuring the tissues of the penis. 

Each pumping session brings you closer to the desired result - an increase in erection size permanently without side effects.

Brief Hydromax review
  • Technology: hydro(water) vacuum penis pump

  • Manufacturer: DX Products LLC.(UK)

  • Money back guarantee: 60 days

  • Success rate: 92%

  • Shipping: FREE(Worldwide)

  • Results: increase in erection size, improved sexual stamina, increase in sexual desire

  • Suitable for penis size: 3”, 5”, 7”, 9”

  • Official site:

Immediate results

Pumping with the HydroMax is inspiring because it gives an immediate effect after use. A strong and long-lasting erection. While you create it comfortably, you see improvements immediately.

When combined with penis stretching and jelqing, significant penis enhancement can be achieved with the continued use of the pump.

Why Bathmate is so effective:

1. It gives instant results

After just 10 minutes, you can expect the penis grows 0.25-0.5 inches in length and 0.5-1.25 inches in width. Penis girth increases especially effectively. Immediately after using Bathmate Hydromax, sex will be incredible. Your erection will be firm and long-lasting

2. Permanent results

Regular use of the Bathmate Hydromax in the shower or bath can give permanent results - I'm talking about powerful, explosive erections and their size.

Everything happens about the same as with training in the gym, while the tissue of the penis differs from the muscle tissue, but not by much.

3. Safety

Working with a penis pump can be unsafe using any other pump. It's all about the technology itself.

Pumping with an air pump puts stress on your penis, both from a misunderstanding of the vacuum's power and the vacuum's negative impact on the tissues of the penis.

Often, men who use a simple $20 sex shop penis pump damage their sexual health, injure their penis, and move away from the idea of a stronger erection rather than closer to it.

On the contrary, the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is an effective and safe erection enhancement device suitable for beginners and experienced users. Order it at the official site.

A special valve allows you to create a comfortable vacuum, control it and make it effective to achieve results.

Individual pump sizing

Bathmate Hydromax has different tube sizes for perfect personalization (3”, 5”, 7”, 7” WideBoy, 9”). The correct size of the pump guarantees its 100% efficiency.

Just measure your penis correctly directly on the site and place an order. There are recommendations and order the appropriate pump size. 

Remember - only the right Bathmate size pump will make your penis grow quickly and efficiently.

Bathmate Hydromax Beginner Pump

Bathmate has 3 series of pumps - Hydro7, HydroXtreme, and Hydromax. The first Hydro7 pump belongs to the old pump series, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme to the new one.

The difference in technology is 35% in efficiency and safety. The Hydro 7 pump is the cheapest, and Hydromax is the best price compared to HydroXtreme.

At the same time, Hydromax is a mechanical pump, but to create a vacuum, it is enough to press it against you. This is exactly what a beginner needs not to harm himself and get the result - the simplest use. 

You just need to read the instructions to start using Hydromax in 10 minutes. Everything is simple here, just like in the routine, which does not need to be thought through.

What you need to know about using Hydromax
  • You can use it in the shower or the bath - your choice

  • It's best to shave your pubis and crotch for perfect contact with the pump

  • You must use the Hydromax for at least 10 minutes daily, up to 15 minutes. Do sessions for 3 minutes, then release the vacuum and massage the penis

  • Use pump time sparingly, especially if you are a beginner.

  • Use Jelqing techniques for best results

  • If you intend to enlarge your penis significantly, it is also better to use a penis extender such as Quick Extender Pro, Phallosan Forte, or Penimaster PRO

  • Using the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump for at least 3-6 months is best. Constant pumping for a year or two can greatly improve your sexual and erectile performance.

  • Use Hydromax when there is an erection problem in your life. It can occur periodically due to various reasons: stress, aging, poor lifestyle, lack of long-term sex with a partner

Click here to order Hydromax at the official site

How to use Hydromax
  1. Turn on the shower and relax for a few minutes

  2. Take the pump in your hand and switch the valve from above to the closed position (left / right)

  3. Take out the comfort insert to avoid air from outside

  4. Next, turn the Hydromax and fill it with warm water to the brim

  5. Place your relaxed penis into the water tube and press firmly on the pump. Make sure your testicles don't get caught in the pump. Position the Hydromax comfortably and as close to the body as possible.

  6. The next step is to press the pump against your body.

  7. Now conveniently take the Hydromax by slightly lifting it and opening the valve to let the water out. Let's start pumping

  8. Pump in such a way that you can feel the force of the vacuum. The gaffer should be slightly gathered to achieve the optimal force of the vacuum.

  9. Within 5 minutes, pump no more than 3 times, increasing the vacuum. Next, you need to lower it, remove the penis from the pump, and massage

  10. To quickly release the vacuum, simply slide the cap on the pump down

  11. Repeat sets for a total pumping time of 10-15 minutes

Bathmate Hydromax FAQ

  • Will this pump help me personally, or might something not work?

The pump works for all men who handle it properly. Yes, results are different for everyone. Some people can increase their erection by 1 inch quickly, while others take months. It all depends on male anatomy and each man.

But HydroMax will still be effective for everyone - this also applies to strengthening erections, normalizing blood flow to the penis, and the emergence of sexual desire and prolonged sex

  • I have read that there may be side effects after using the pump. Is it so?

Any misuse of a penis pump can have consequences. At the same time, Hydromax is considered the safest pump, as it works gently and can provide comfort and safety for everyone. 

The instructions are so simple that you can work with the pump immediately.

  • How to improve your result?

Pay attention to Jelqing techniques. There are many instructional videos on Youtube with examples of different exercises.

You need to learn a few of the most effective ones, and you can do it for 10-15 minutes a day, several times a week. Many men report a significant improvement in pumping results after using Jelqing.

  • Is there a separate routine for beginners?

It's possible to use the standard routine from the instructions, but the Hydromax pump discussion forums have a lot of user advice. 

True, using such tips is undesirable for beginners since everything that users recommend, as a rule, does not correspond to the official routine, which you can find just in the instructions.

  • Can I enlarge my penis with Bathmate?

This is a very specific question. I can confidently say that you can increase your erection size with constant use. Moreover, the first results are usually the most significant. Then they fade if you continue to use exactly Hydromax. 

If you want to enhance the result and achieve an even greater erection, it is better to buy Bathmate Hydroxtreme immediately. You can connect a handball to it and increase pressure. 

Again, this is for advanced users only. Usually, experienced users buy HydroXtreme after months of pumping with Hydromax

  • Do I need additional accessories from the Bathmate website to improve the user experience?

I recommend buying a HydroVibe with two vibrating bullets. It is designed specifically as a pump attachment; you can improve your penis pumping experience. 

You get a more pleasant feeling from Hydromax penis pumping, blood with the included vibro bullets circulate even better, and you can use the pump longer. 

Also, look for a penis ring for yourself. You will be able to maintain a fast erection for longer. In general, I must say that the Bathmate website has a whole section with accessories. 

These are spare parts and useful additions, such as a penis trimmer, a holder for a pump in the shower, and an additional Nyric Oxygen booster to enhance erection. 

Of course, you need to improve your erection not only from the outside but also from the inside. You also take supplements to become healthy.

Hydromax - it’s a reliable penis pump for results

Trust me, when you buy Hydromax from the DX Products manufacturer based in England, you are investing 2 hundred dollars in improving your sexual health. 

Erection worsens due to various reasons. At the same time, there are many ways to solve the problem - consult a doctor, use various supplements, erection creams, or a penis pump. 

In this Bathmate Hydromax review, I recommend penis pumping as a powerful way to get an erection long-term. Bathmate has developed a unique Hydromax pump capable of offering therapy to restore erections and even increase them significantly. 

Every man has his erection growth limit. Reach it with a pump that has no equal in the world. 

Order Hydromax now on the official website

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