Chrome+Polymer weekly sync notes, 12/8/2015

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Dan Beam

Dec 9, 2015, 10:10:26 PM12/9/15

Attendees: tbuckley, dbeam, tjsavage

8 December

  • #enable-md-extensions option in about:flags to see MD Extensions page

  • Performance work in Settings has started

  • Polymer team built prototype of Settings page; can look over code

    • Might be useful for Scott (or anyone on Polymer team) to try groby’s nodejs solution for running MD Settings & test code

    • AI: tjsavage -- share prototype with settings team

  • nodejs in Chrome’s toolchain

    • Added .5mb by vulcanizing pages

    • Duplicating Polymer, certain elements, etc

    • AJ is just finishing exactly this feature for vulcanize

    • Though compressing installers better may also work

Polygit example:,js,output
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