Chrome+Polymer weekly sync notes, 1/19/2016

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Dan Beam

Jan 19, 2016, 3:45:54 PM1/19/16
Polymer in Chrome UI
  • Downloads

    • Tenatively launching in Chrome 49.0.2621.0

    • Spreadsheet of numbers on effect of vulcanization

      • Test platforms didn’t have RAM constraints

      • Still need to determine whether to keep vulcanized versions in Chrome

      • For CrOS and other specific platforms, there’s a benefit; possible that we’ll want to use different version on different platforms/devices

  • History

    • iron-list has issues with items larger than the screen size

      • Can’t tab to next/previous element in iron-list when the items are so large

      • Breaks rendering, scrolling, and a11y

    • Get around this in Downloads by styling smaller items like start/end of larger section

      • Has cost, though; every item needs to have a date header that mostly isn’t necessary

    • AI: tjsavage -- check for existing iron-list bugs, file if none exist

    • AI: dbeam -- meet with egarciad, kschaaf, tsergeant about iron-list issues?

  • Settings

Polymer updates
  • Thinking a lot about "progressive web apps"
    • Big, complex apps, and those that use service workers
  • Thinking about what micro/mini could do by themselves
  • Blessed solution for routing, lazy loading

AI: dbeam -- set up meeting on dealing with "virtual" DOM and a11y/usability
  • Investigate other virtual DOM solutions (i.e. React)
  • Address (possibly together)
    • "Find in page"
    • screen readers / tab order without rendered items
  • Need to involve Polymer, a11y, blink, and UI authors(?)
    • potential peeps
      • blink: esprehn, dglazkov
      • a11y: aboxhall, dmazzoni
      • polymer: egarciad, dfreedm
      • chrome: dbeam, ?
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