Polymer in component extensions?

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mark a. foltz

Jun 1, 2015, 5:29:09 PM6/1/15
to chromium...@chromium.org, Vadim Gorokhovsky
We (Chrome Media Router) have a use case where a component extension would like to use Polymer 1.0.

Must it bundle/source its own copy of the Polymer libs or is there a way to export the resources bundled with Chrome so they can be sourced from component extensions?

We are trying to keep total script size down here and not send N copies of Polymer with each Chrome release.

Pavel Sergeev

Jun 1, 2015, 6:44:20 PM6/1/15
to mark a. foltz, chromium...@chromium.org, Vadim Gorokhovsky

there are two CLs on review, which will add Polymer 1.0 to Chromium. After they land, you should be able to import Polymer 1.0 resources to your extension with "chrome://resources/polymer/v1_0/*" paths. You probably need to add "chrome://resources" to extension's manifest.
I know that File Manager App, which is a component extensions, uses Polymer from "chrome://resources" (0.5 so far), so that should work for your extension as well. 

As far as I know, file manager, which is a component extension, uses Polymer (0.5 so far). 
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mark a. foltz

Jun 1, 2015, 6:47:56 PM6/1/15
to Pavel Sergeev, mark a. foltz, chromium...@chromium.org, Vadim Gorokhovsky
Great, thanks for the pointers.

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