Crostini USB MIDI device support

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Scott Tribbey

Aug 9, 2022, 8:08:27 PMAug 9
to ChromiumOS Discussion
Crostini Linux support has finally made my Chromebooks into real computers I use regularly for development and all manner of other tasks.

I know that myself and many other Crostini Linux users are frustrated by the seeming lack of support for USB MIDI devices at the Linux level. Having audio I/O is great but without MIDI input the musical capabilities of Crostini Linux containers are severely hampered.  Most of these devices utilize class-drivers that are natively supported by most Linux distros so it seems that MIDI support is basically already there but artificially blocked.

I have tried several MIDI controllers and while Chrome sees them, none of them are listed as available USB devices in Settings.

Is there any plan to make MIDI device support (interfaces and controllers) available in a future rev of Chromium? 

Mike Frysinger

Aug 10, 2022, 2:22:04 AMAug 10
to, ChromiumOS Discussion
please star for updates

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