How to record video stream from web?

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E.W. Peter Jalajas

Apr 8, 2018, 10:37:16 PM4/8/18
to Chromium OS discuss

I want to record this stream:

On Windows, I use View Source on that page to grab the chunklist m3u8 url, and then use VLC to record that m3u8 stream.   

I then upload the recorded m3u8 file from my Windows hard drive to my YouTube account, like 

How would one do that on a Chromebook with Chrome OS?


E.W. Peter Jalajas

Apr 9, 2018, 9:28:11 PM4/9/18
to Chromium OS discuss
After posting this, I found the Nimbus plugin, so I can stream the source video to my Chrome browser on my Chromebook, and have Nimbus record that tab, saving video as a .webm in the Downloads directory on my Chromebook.  I then uploaded that file to YouTube.   That's a workaround I can live with fine. 

It would just be cleaner to just have something like YouTube Live ingest that stream directly and record it into my YouTube Video Manager.  I'll check with them.
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