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Kevin Penrose

Apr 27, 2022, 4:16:40 PMApr 27
to Chromium OS Discussion
I have a Lenovo Duet 5 chromebook.  It went to Lenovo to fix a hardware issue.  When it was returned, it no longer updated to the current stable version of ChromeOS, and was stuck on version 92.  I did a manual restore and was able to get vers. 98 installed, but it still won't automatically update.
Is there some build switch or flag that I can change/set so that updates will happen automatically.  Lenovo doesn't seem to know how to fix this, and although they said they'd replace the machine, they don't have any in stock and aren't expecting any.  Talk about a short product life span.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I like the device, but don't want to lose it if the auto update issue can be fixed somehow.

--- Kevin


Apr 27, 2022, 4:44:37 PMApr 27
to Chromium OS Discussion,

Currently, version 100.0.4896.133 / 14526.89.0 should be available for your device on the stable channel.

If the 'Check for updates' button in Settings is not triggering an update you might want to switch to the beta or dev channel and see if that helps. If you switch back to a more stable channel it will force a powerwash so make sure you have your important things backed up.

You could also download the 100.0.4896.133 / 14526.89.0 recovery image for your device and, using the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension, install it with the 'Use local image' option.

We had a similar issue in the forums recently, you can take a look at it and see if it may help -   

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