ERROR: chromeos-base/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1::cros-pi failed

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Apr 3, 2023, 1:00:55 AM4/3/23
to ChromiumOS Development
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * ERROR: chromeos-base/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1::cros-pi failed (compile phase):
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * (no error message)
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: *
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * Call stack:
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: *, line 125: Called src_compile
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * environment, line 5326: Called chrome_make 'chrome' 'capture_unittests' 'dawn_end2end_tests' 'dawn_unittests' 'gl_tests' 'jpeg_decode_accelerator_unittest' 'ozone_gl_unittests' 'sandbox_linux_unittests' 'wayland_client_perftests' 'ppapi/examples/video_decode' 'bitmaptools' 'clear_system_cache' 'minidump_stackwalk' 'chromedriver' 'nacl_helper_bootstrap' 'nacl_helper'
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * environment, line 1815: Called die
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * The specific snippet of code:
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * [[ "${ret}" -eq 0 ]] || die;
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: *
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * Build log: /build/rpi4/tmp/portage/logs/chromeos-base:chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1:20230402-144551.log
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * Stable log symlink: /build/rpi4/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1/temp/build.log
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * CWD: /home/wwd/chrome_root/src
chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * S: /build/rpi4/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1/work/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc

Jingyu Wang

Apr 3, 2023, 12:23:26 PM4/3/23
to ChromiumOS Development, 王伟东
You may want to provide more informations such as the branch you are working on and the board you are using and under what circumstances does this error happened.


Apr 3, 2023, 10:33:29 PM4/3/23
to ChromiumOS Development, Jingyu Wang, 王伟东
The branch I use is r96-dev,The compilation environment is ubuntu18.0.4.6,I want to build chromium os for rpi4,This error occurs when I execute./build_packages --board=rpi4 --nowithautotest.


Apr 4, 2023, 1:16:47 AM4/4/23
to ChromiumOS Development, 王伟东, Jingyu Wang
My build environment is ubuntu18 and the python version is Python 3.8. 0. The python version in cros_sdk is python3.6.12,Is the above error related to the python version?

Mike Frysinger

Apr 4, 2023, 1:19:31 AM4/4/23
to 王伟东, ChromiumOS Development
> chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1: * ERROR: chromeos-base/chromeos-chrome-96.0.4664.208_rc-r1::cros-pi failed (compile phase):

this code is not from us.  you need to ask for help from whoever you're getting the source code.

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