Glibc 2.35 update to Chrome OS

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Manoj Gupta

Sep 20, 2022, 2:08:07 PM9/20/22
to Chromium OS dev


The Chrome OS toolchain team is going to update Glibc to version 2.35 Glibc provides the C library and affects all binaries in the chroot and target chromebooks. While we have tested this glibc update extensively, Glibc is still risky to upgrade and difficult to rollback. We plan to monitor the rollout for 48-72 hours after the glibc update. 

We recommend that any chroot sync be avoided in this time frame.

We'll send another communication when we think the update is fully stabilized.

For any breakages you think are due to this update, please open a bug at "ChromeOS Public Tracker > Services > Infra > Toolchain" or contact us at .



(Chrome OS toolchain team)

Note: The major risk is in updating chromiumos-overlay. To update other repos if needed, please do the following:
cd chromiumos/src/<your_repo>
repo sync .  (Note the "." that will sync only the current directory)
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