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rong lv

Sep 26, 2022, 1:47:40 AM9/26/22
to ChromiumOS Development
Hello Sir:
i had clone branch R93-14092 branch. and build the chromuim OS image. 
from cros flash usb:// ../build/images/amd64-generic/R93-14092.106.2022_09_26_1045-a1/chromiumos_base_image.bin
make a USB bootable disk.
however, during install from USB disk. i encountered google API login problem.
refer to 
i do:
1. use vim edit args.gn add my api_key and client id secret at end of file
cros_v8_snapshot_extra_cxxflags = " -Wno-unknown-warning-option"
cros_v8_snapshot_extra_cppflags = ""
cros_v8_snapshot_extra_ldflags = " --unwindlib=libgcc"
google_api_key = "AIzaSyA-GtStwo33dYGBOxCHxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
google_default_client_id = "xxxxxxxx.apps.googleusercontent.com"
google_default_client_secret = "GOCSPX-kzu-hGr_TpyRxxxxx"
note: the args.gn location on script direcotry.
(cr) (release-R93-14092.B/(2973d79...)) q@q-OptiPlex-7090 ~/chromiumos/src/scripts $
2. build_package
3. build_image
4. make usb disk and install. 
so bad, the missing tips show again. 
You will not be able to add users because Google API keys are missing. See 
what wrong i make ? is any log for checking that ?

Dominik Behr

Sep 26, 2022, 1:09:28 PM9/26/22
to ChromiumOS Development, hunter...@gmail.com
You should probably rebuild Chrome with cros_workon started if you are modifying Chrome source.
Also, this will require rebuilding Chrome to pick up your keys.

rong lv

Sep 26, 2022, 8:00:29 PM9/26/22
to ChromiumOS Development, db...@google.com, rong lv
Hello Sir:
Great,  use this method, the tips disappear。
but after input my gmail and password. i got another error message.
may i kown more about this.
Best Regards.


Sep 27, 2022, 1:50:42 PM9/27/22
to ChromiumOS Development, hunter...@gmail.com, db...@google.com
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