PSA: Servod Being Removed from Chroot (cros_sdk) Environment

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Keith Haddow

Jan 2, 2024, 4:18:43 PMJan 2
to ChromiumOS Development


HW Tools is moving to  a new way to run servod on your linux machine outside of the chroot. If you do not use servo/servod as part of your regular workflow you can stop reading now.


Developers who do not need to make changes to servod can simply use a pre-built image and avoid having to build any code (recommended). However, if you want to make local changes, that user flow is also supported.

Full documentation is at There are details in the documentation on how to provide feedback.


We have completed the dogfood period, thanks to all that provided feedback. HW Tools will no longer prioritize bugs that are not reproducible in the new environment.

Starting March 2024, we will intentionally disrupt the servod flow within the chroot environment, providing an option for manual override.

Later in 2024, the hdctools package will be eliminated from the chroot.

Your feedback and collaboration are crucial in ensuring a smooth and successful transition. We appreciate your willingness to embrace this change and contribute to the advancement of our development environment. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the schedule.

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