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Seongbin BAK

Oct 15, 2021, 2:03:41 AM10/15/21
to Chromium OS Development
Hi everybody.

There is a Chrome feature its called by SmartDim in file.
And the SmartDim looks disabled in default.

The SmartDim is called by session manager when user login by Google ID in CROS.
And if user login by Guest mode, the SmartDim is not called.
(I checked by chrome://version in browser)
But the SmartDim looks working in Guest mode. 
When there is no user activity, screen dimmed after 7 min itself. 
Could somebody explain me about reason?
I don't understand reason why the SmartDim feature is working in Guest mode.
Thank you.

Mike Frysinger

Oct 15, 2021, 2:11:34 AM10/15/21
to Seongbin BAK, Chromium OS Development
i think you're confusing "SmartDim dimmed the screen" and "powerd dimmed the screen after a preconfigured timeout".  the doc you linked says powerd will do this after 7 min, and you said that's what happened.

SmartDim is an ML model.  ML models need data about the user.  if you log in as guest, there is no such data to be found.  i guess if you were to log in as guest for O(days) or O(weeks), a profile could slowly be built up and then thrown away on logout, but that's a pretty unusual use of guest mode.

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