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Jan 8, 2024, 5:11:18 PMJan 8
to ChromiumOS Development
I have this strange extension that seems quite active without any rhyme or reason. Checking the task manager it appears to start and stop processes quickly. Any time i close tab or window it flashes it's name and icon. This occurs during other actions and isn't limited to any one specific time or action that triggers the process to start and stop. 

It seems to live at  /usr/share/chromeos-assets/quickoffice and depending on where i look from, goes by several other names labled in a couple of places. Basic Editor Office, is one name. 

In a best effort to attempt to capture a screenshot of the behavior, after sending Feedback about the extension, I found some interesting reference to a program called Maldocs while viewing some of the logs found by  "Share diagnostic data" within the Send Feedback form (which opens System Information Preview 

System diagnostic data")

only thing is now i can't find where i was referenced it exactly. I didn't ever download an extension of this nature, but after some searching it appears as if it has a purpose of some sort, but still doesn't explain why it's so active. So i wish to: 1. Report the behavior of the extension here by name if requested (or App id) 2. Determine if this Chromebook is compromised and 3. Share further findings and info for future Googlers. I did manage to find a few instances of people complaining about this extension, but none resolved their problems nor seem to find answers. 

PS... i have no extensions installed, no Developer mode, not managed, nor is it a school or work owned computer.  No Android or linux containers are being used but are supported on the device. 

I thought about doing a bug report but i don't know if it's a bug or how i would utlimately determine if a bug is indeed to blame given the Chromebooks restrictive state. Help please? 
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