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Ahmed abo mokh

Sep 27, 2022, 9:27:57 AM9/27/22
to Chromium Extensions
I am interested in learning chrome extension for one of my projects, but still has concerns if the extension can do what I need:

1. I want to make an extension that will collect data from some form on website 1 (tab1) and copy that data to website 2 (tab 2) to specific fields on that site.
site 1 is mine and site 2 is not mine.
The purpose is to make it faster to copy data faster.

2. I want to make the extension do few steps in the way:
a. I want it to look for a client by his name.
b. Then after 1 sec to edit client data
c. After 1 sec to paste the data
d. After 1 sec to close the form.

Is this process possible with chrome extension?

Stefan Van Damme

Oct 2, 2022, 3:34:59 PM10/2/22
to Chromium Extensions,
Hi there,

That is possible in a Chrome extension with Manifest V3.
A suggestion: You can use the content script to collect this data and save it with API. And then when you open that website 2, inject that data on that form.

Stefan vd

Stefan Van Damme

Oct 2, 2022, 4:31:35 PM10/2/22
to Chromium Extensions, Stefan Van Damme,
Hi there,

The web is powerful, and a Chrome extension is built with web technology.

You can do it automatically, for example, you can use setTimeout (1 second) web API to schedule to run that code:
and to submit the form:

If you want to learn JavaScript, see this web page:

Stefan vd

That's great news!
That's great also that I got an answer from you.
Because extensions, as the first time I used them, were to difficult to guess what is allowed and what is not.
So for question number #2, is it possible to make automatic steps like the steps I described?  
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