I don't manage to make an added extension to a website in Kiosk mode work

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Frédéric Stojicevic

Jun 20, 2024, 6:38:50 AMJun 20
to Chromium Extensions
Hi all,

I developped a little extension which edits the content of a webpage. I display this webpage in a Kiosk Mode on a ChromeOS device via the Google Admin Console. There is a feature which consists in associating the extension with the webpage and I use it. The Google Console shows me my extension which is private and exclusive to my domain and I manage to save the configuration.

But (there is always a "but"), when I switch on the device, the page is well-displayed and the extension doesn't run. I use the troublehooting tools to check if the extension is well-installed, and it shows me the extension (chrome://extensions) when I associate an extension from the Chrome Web Store.

My questions:
Do you know if there is something to add in the manifest file to make it works (I saw the "kiosk_enabled" paramater which seems to be dedicated to PWA/Chrome App context)?  Is this because the extension is private (in this case, why does the Google Admin Console accept to save the configuration)? Any help is welcomed. I also tried to edit the extension by only displaying a console log but it doesn't change anything.

Best regards,
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Patrick Kettner

Jun 24, 2024, 9:24:33 AMJun 24
to Frédéric Stojicevic, Chromium Extensions
Hello Fred,
I do not believe that extensions are enabled on kiosk mode contexts. However, you should be able to open an extension _page_ for the URL of your kiosk. So if you were to run the page you are trying to modify inside of an iframe inside of an html document in your extension's package, that may work.


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