why building new versions of chromium keeps crashing on android device?

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Mohammad Miri

Aug 25, 2023, 3:37:15 PM8/25/23
to Chromium-discuss

sorry to bother you.
I want to build Chromium for Android and I have faced an error which I could not solve it yet.
I used to build former version of Chromium (version 107) for android and it works fine and now I want to build newer version of Chromium but it does not work and keeps crashing in first 2 seconds of running the app.
I have tried more than 10 different newer versions of Chromium from 109 to 115 but none of them worked.

I build Chromium with instructions in page below:

I used following args for version 107:

target_os = "android"
target_cpu = "arm"

is_debug = false
is_official_build = true
symbol_level = 1
ffmpeg_branding = "Chrome"
proprietary_codecs = true
enable_nacl = false
android_channel = "stable"
disable_fieldtrial_testing_config = true
treat_warnings_as_errors = false

But when I compile Chromium with these args it compiles fine but it crashes at the first 2 or 3 seconds of running application on phone.
I have tried different versions of android including 10, 11, 13, 14 and Chromium crashed in all of them.

I have tested more simplified args:

target_os = "android"
target_cpu = "arm"

is_debug = false
symbol_level = 1

but chromium crashed with these args too.

Chromium works fine with `is_debug = true` but when I set `is_debug` to false it crashes.

after running chromium on android device following error arises:

Failed to deliver inset state change to w=Window{e2e9dfb u0 org.chromium.chrome.stable/org.chromium.chrome.browser.firstrun.FirstRunActivity EXITING} android.os.DeadObjectException 

error logs are in following question.

would you help me please.

Tom Gustavsson

May 19, 2024, 12:50:23 PMMay 19
to Chromium-discuss, Mohammad Miri
Hi Mohammad,

I'm having the exact same problem.
Did you find a solution?

Kind regards,

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