Android: debugging WebView.clearCache(boolean)

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Oct 24, 2021, 8:19:47 AM10/24/21
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I am trying to debug an issue in Android android.webkit.WebView. I think I found the issue in the source file and

The problem I face is, that I would like to verify the issue in Android IDE debugger by stepping in into WebView::clearCache(boolean) but it somehow isn't possible. 

I posted a question on stackoverflow and an google android groups (the latter has become a spam channel for head hunters, useless).

I am trying my luck here now.

If anybody could help me I would be really grateful.

Here is the full question:


(sorry if I picked the wrong group, thought I try the default list)


Torne (Richard Coles)

Oct 25, 2021, 10:37:31 AM10/25/21
to, Chromium-discuss
The Chromium source code is not part of Android's source, and the WebView dex binaries don't contain source file information (it's stripped by R8 for binary size), so you won't be able to debug most of it regardless unless you build your own debug build of WebView from source (which takes a pretty powerful machine and quite some time, and also can't be used on a regular retail Android device anyway).

If you think you've found an issue in the code then file a bug; we can help investigate.

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