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Hugo Duarte

Oct 29, 2021, 4:06:15 PM10/29/21
to Chromium-discuss

i have the following doubt, for each new versions of edge chromium is recommended to upload the new admx files provided by Microsoft? i have been searching and still haven't found any official information from Microsoft or google. if possible, please provide the website with that information.

Best regards, 

Julian Pastarmov

Nov 1, 2021, 6:42:02 AM11/1/21
to Chromium-discuss,
Hello Hugo,

I will reply here to both this and your similar request in a related thread

Both Microsoft for Edge and Google for Chrome provide official ADMX templates for each version of their browser. The reason you need newer versions is that the set of configuration capabilities changes over time and therefore a new version of the ADMX templates is needed to reflect those changes. You don't *have to* update the templates as often as the browsers update but every time you need to configure something new you will likely need to update the template to gain access  to this new capability. In some cases old capabilities are retired and they will be removed from the templates too. For the exact set of capabilities that each browser supports you need to access the official documentation of that browser. The open source Chromium project which both browsers are based of does not provide ADMX templates but such can be generated from the source code if needed.

In your other thread you mention the "default" templates. I presume you mean the one coming with a certain version of the browser. As mentioned above they are good enough as long as the features you need are present in it and still supported by newer versions of the browser.


Hugo Duarte

Nov 2, 2021, 4:46:54 AM11/2/21
to Chromium-discuss, Julian Pastarmov, Hugo Duarte
Thank you Julian, i will take a look at this issue.

Best regards, 
Hugo Duarte
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