(x11/linux) Capturing mouse cursor updates through x11 client API.

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Yann Nielsen

Sep 4, 2021, 8:33:26 AMSep 4
to Chromium-discuss
were working with chromium but my question isnt directly towards the codebase.
I am using the x11 API to capture changes in the style of the mouse cursor.
Sadly while it works for most applications it does not for chromium. 
After some research i found out that chromium might use nested x windows which might be the problem,
Another source might be that it seams chromium never uses XDefineCursor, but it would seam unlikely since xcb is also a x client api.

My question & problem is, is there a way i can capture the nested window or is there something i can enable, add into the cursor logic my self to receive this event.

Best regards,
Yann HN

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