The messages "[Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 48ms" and "[Violation] forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 53ms" are both violations from Google Chrome's DevTools when JavaScript is applied, causing forced reflow or page rearrangement while JavaScript operations are running, causing delays in page loading or page execution.

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May 19, 2024, 12:55:21 PMMay 19
to Chromium-discuss
To solve this problem We can do as follows:

1. **Reduce the use of DOM manipulation:** You should reduce the use of JavaScript to change the DOM or the structure of web pages as much as possible. Because DOM changes can cause forced reflow.

2. **Specialize CSS:** Using CSS that doesn't cause forced reflow, such as `transform` and `opacity`, helps reduce forced reflow related actions.

3. **Use appropriate web page properties:** Using `requestAnimationFrame()` can help reduce forced reflow in JavaScript by calling the specified function. briefly stored in a variable on the bus every time the screen is refreshed.

4. **Improve code JavaScript:** You should review your JavaScript code and try to make it as efficient as possible, such as reducing the use of unnecessary loops. or improving coding techniques to
increase the efficiency of operations.
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